Both major parties reaching out to the citizens

We notice that the attention on politics tends to wane, especially around here, as the weather begins to change and we move a little further away from last November’s elections. And that’s fine, as the rhetoric meter hit exceedingly high in those elections, and it is nice to see people turn to other interests.

However, the parties in Sussex County are still working hard, and both major affiliations have interesting events coming up soon.

Voters in the 38th District will have a chance to meet and talk with Delaware State Republican Party candidates at the 2nd Annual Covered Dish Supper and Straw Poll on Saturday, April 13, at the Roxana fire hall. The guest speaker will be Delaware State Auditor R. Thomas Wagner Jr., and there will be actual “straw poll” voting by attendees, using real straws, according to organizers.

State Sen. Gerald Hocker will be in attendance at the event, and new 38th District Rep. Ron Gray will also be on hand, allowing local Republican citizens to interact directly with their legislators. This is also a great opportunity for the party to gauge where they are with local public opinion, and truly set their course as they prepare for the next round of elections.

“In past years, many Sussex County Republicans said their voices weren’t heard by the State Party prior to the election,” explained Hocker. “Last year we changed that for the 38th District by holding our 1st Annual Covered Dish Supper and Straw Poll. It was so much fun that we are doing it again this year.”

On the other side of the political aisle, the Shore Democrats will host a luncheon on Wednesday, April 17, at NorthEast Seafood Kitchen in Ocean View. Their luncheon will feature a guest speaker, who will discuss gun-control legislation in Delaware.

This is an opportunity for local Democrats to get together and, not only get informed on where current legislation might be, but also to understand why party leaders believe their philosophy on the issue should make sense to local Democrats.

Both of these events display a real willingness by the parties to engage the public, find out how the citizens they are supposed to be representing feel about current issues and keep themselves in the public eye during this non-election season.

We applaud the parties for reaching out to their constituents and getting the response from the public about what they want to see happen, as opposed to just formulating ideas and telling the citizens what they want.

Yes, it’s starting to feel a little like spring, which means it will be summer before we know it. But our local political parties are still doing all they can to inform the public and really hear from the citizens.