Ocean View leadership looking very strong now

Once again, a concerned group of Ocean View residents took their complaints with the town to the Town Council this week. We have seen this show before — ranging from complaints about the police chief to complaints that the chief is not getting enough respect, and from concerns about flooded streets to questions regarding purchases made by town officials.

It has historically been greeted with discontent from those who disagree with the citizenry or answers that the citizens did not want to hear, causing more upheaval and nastiness in the process. But this is a changing Ocean View, from officials to residents.

This week’s complaint was about the quality of microsurfacing work done on roads in the Bear Trap Dunes, Avon Park and Wedgefield communities.

“Before the microsurfacing the streets were nice and smooth... The aprons were very nice and neat,” said John Mesher, a member of Bear Trap’s homeowners’ association’s board of directors. “After the resurfacing, you’ll see a number of places, virtually the whole entire community, there’s no edging done between the tarring and the concrete apron, concrete gutters and curbing. Some people would describe it as ‘sloppily applied.’”

Mesher also brought up the lack of golf cart crossings, loose gravel and extra mixture being swept into the sewer system, and suggested that all these things get fixed by the town immediately.

And that’s where it would have gotten testy a few years ago.

But Councilman Bob Lawless said the town has been dealing with problems with microsurfacing for years now, and then explained the cost benefits to the town in utilizing that technique. He said it costs about one-fifth as much as traditional paving. Public Works Director Charlie McMullen explained that the loose aggregate is unfortunately part of the microsurfacing process, and it will mitigate over time, with plans by the Town already in the works to get out and sweep the streets in question, and that the painting would be done after that first sweeping.

Bear Trap resident Steve Deitz then said he understood the town’s predicament with budgeting and thanked them for their time and consideration.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how good governing is done. Listen to problems brought before you earnestly and respectfully, provide an answer and try to take care of the concerns. And the residents who participated listened with respect and thanked the council for their time. Picture perfect.

And it is happening in Ocean View.