OVPD doing their part to help alleviate big problem

An epidemic that certainly tore its way through our little oasis by the sea has been the abuse of prescription medication, along with the accompanying burglaries that followed, as those who became addicted became desperate for finding money any way they could.

New legislation has helped alleviate some of the problem, as has good old-fashioned police work by our local law enforcement agencies in making arrests and a better understanding of the problem by loved ones of those with problems. One important step taken by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and embraced by many of our local police departments has been the Drug Take-Back Initiative.

These events consist of police departments allowing people to come drop off whatever unused pills, and any other narcotics they might have around the house, and the police then holding on to these dangerous drugs until DEA officials can pick them up for safe disposal.

Not only does this get drugs out of people’s medicine cabinets, which are common targets for people seeking a quick fix, but they also dispose of the pills in a manner that is much more safe than simply flushing them down a toilet. And, the pills don’t have to be of the narcotic variety. Expired medicines and vitamins can also pose a very serious health risk and should be disposed of properly.

To help provide more opportunities for people trying to dispose of their old drugs, the Ocean View Police Department put up a permanent drug drop-off box in its lobby. Chief Ken McLaughlin said that people can drop off everything (excluding syringes) and the department will secure it until the DEA comes after the next Drug Take-Back event.

This is a great move by the Ocean View Police Department in trying to provide people more opportunities in getting rid of their old drugs, as well as potentially taking a bite out of crime before it happens.


And there was much rejoicing.

The Coastal Point received word from Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) officials Wednesday morning that, indeed, there are no more lane closures along Route 26, as all the utility work has been completed. In an official statement, DelDOT thanked the utility companies for getting their work done in a timely manner, as well as motorists who have been stuck in traffic while this was being done.

So, basically, it’s time for all of us to stop avoiding Route 26 and get back to living our lives for the rest of summer. Get out. Shop. Eat. Rejoice.