Facts are facts, except maybe when they are not

If the 1990s was considered the “Age of Technology” and the dawn of this century was dubbed the “Information Age,” we are officially putting our stamp on this decade being dubbed “The Age of Misinformation.”

It’s staggering almost to consider the political volleying that went on during the last Presidential election, for instance, with all sides throwing around figures on health care, unemployment, tax revenues and military operations, and all the numbers were different from those offered by their opponents. It’s been said that numbers never lie, but apparently they can be manipulated or massaged into whatever the messenger desires.

We have seen this quite a bit locally. The hotel proposed for Bethany Beach has seen its share of wildly-varying numbers, with total rooms for the hotel equalling anywhere from 100 to nearly 200 rooms. Looking back through our archives, we found mention of 108 and 115 rooms in public meetings.

We believe these figures aren’t necessarily created by people telling lies as much as it is a subtle breakdown in communication, or people seeing other figures that haven’t been presented to the Town in an official public manner. For us, we are bound by documents and facts that are actually presented for consideration or vote by elected officials, and that is what we must present to our readers.

The Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary’s latest issues are another example. Follow the activity on Facebook for a little while regarding this situation and your mind will spin from defending the group’s efforts with your last dying breath to wanting somebody to be prosecuted. Rival animal welfare organizations, disgruntled ex-employees and others with any interest at all have taken to social media, and the situation has exploded into something that honestly leaves us without any clear answers or the ability to formulate a truly-informed opinion.

There is indeed a plethora of information available out there for anybody to access. It’s up to that individual to decide what is or isn’t accurate, ultimately.


The Senior League Softball World Series kicks off this Sunday in Roxana again, and this year it will be joined by the Big League World Series.

This isn’t only a coup for organizers of the event, who are obviously being rewarded for their planning and effort over the years with a second tournament, but also for the community in general. If Little League officials weren’t happy with the product or the surroundings, they would not continue to come back each year, and they certainly wouldn’t add another event.

Get out and catch the action this year. You won’t regret it.