Letters to the Editor -- August 16, 2013

Cottage Tour a hit, thanks to many


As chair of the 22nd Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, it is my pleasure to offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone responsible for helping to make this year’s tour, held on July 24 and July 25, such an outstanding success. This annual tour is held in support of the South Coastal Library and Cultural Center in Bethany Beach.

Special thanks go out to the exceptional committee who were: Chris Aumiller, Carrie Boyden, Carol Brigleb, Barbara Carlson, Thea Chandross, Faith Denault, Sharon Dillon, Dave Flickinger, Mary Ann Flickinger, Dick Fox, Joan Gordon, David Green, Lindy Griffith, Peg Healy, Carol Kopay, Charlie Kopay, Linda Kulin, Linda Manning, Judy Marcucelli, Lois McNamara, Janet Parham, Donna Philpitt, Maureen Rayborn, Bonnie Richards, Terry Smith, Karen Taylor and Marylou Tietz. These men and women worked hundreds of hours throughout the year in the coordination, preparation and execution of the tour.

Also, this event would not happen without the dedicated 400-plus volunteers who return to us year after year, serving as hostess coordinators, hostesses, ticket sellers, traffic coordinators, parkers, sign installers, advertising sellers and raffle sellers. Thanks to all!

We are totally indebted to the 10 homeowners who loaned us their homes for the two days of the tour. We thank Terri and Mark Demilio, Dottie and Steve Dietz, Pam Mazza and Chris Cyrway, Marnie Oursler, Eileen and Dan Quigley, Susie and Chip Reichhart, Elise and Stu Rubenstein, Sue and Dave Ryan, Lori and Martin Weinstein, and Dawn and Dave Zimmerman. We thank you for your graciousness in sharing your home!

The Adopt-a-House program worked wonderfully again this year, and thanks go to the following local organizations for their support in providing coordinators and hostesses in the homes. They are: the Barefoot Gardeners of Fenwick Island, Bay Forest Homeowners, Bear Trap Dunes Friends, Beta Sigma Phi, Bethany Lakes Book Club, Cripple Creek Ladies Club, Gardeners By the Sea, Lord Baltimore Women’s Club, Salt Pond Women’s Club, Shore Democrats, South Bethany Women’s Club, Villages of Southampton HOA and the Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR). In addition, we have many other hosts and hostesses who volunteered outside of these organizations, and to you all we send many thanks.

Our raffles were a huge success, and for that we thank the six restaurants who donated gift cards: Magnolia’s Seafood Bar & Grill, Mancini’s, Matt’s Fish Camp, Off the Hook, Sedona and The Parkway restaurant. We also owe gratitude to the six local artists who donated wonderful pieces of art for the raffle: Carol Dyer, Aubré Duncan, Tara Funk Grim, Laura Hickman, Jeanne Mueller and Cheryl Wisbrock. Thanks to each of you for your support! The happy winners have all been notified, and the names of all winners will appear in the next issue of the “Connection.”

Without the many advertisers in our booklet, the tote bag sponsors, and the many generous donors who made financial contributions to our tour, the tour would not be so successful and to them we offer our sincere thanks. We hope we can count on your support in 2014!

To the Beebe Medical Center, who has provided the tour with booties for many years, you have our sincere thanks and appreciation. To the Towns of Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island and South Bethany and their police departments, we thank you for your cooperation in coordinating the parking logistics for our tour participants…. we totally appreciate your help! We also thank St Matthew’s By the Sea in Fenwick Island for offering their parking lot to our tour attendees. We appreciate the Lord Baltimore Elementary School allowing us to use a portion of their parking lot for the tour hostesses to form carpools.

Thank you to Mr. Jim Fiedor, Harris Teeter store manager, for allowing us to use their parking lot to shuttle tourgoers to the homes in South Bethany and the North Bethany community of Sea Del.

Special thanks go to our local newspapers and publications that give us so much advance coverage of this event. Your support over the years has helped us tremendously.

Finally, thanks to all of you who attended the 22nd Beach & Bay Cottage Tour. We hope that you enjoyed all of the homes, and we look forward to hosting you at next year’s tour. Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, July 23 and July 24, 2014, and be sure to make your reservations early.

For tour information please visit our website at www.beachandbaycottagetour.com.

Again, thanks to all of you for your continued support of the South Coastal Library and Cultural Center.

Kathy Green, Chair
2013 Beach & Bay Cottage Tour

Reader endorses Peterson for council


I strongly endorse Chuck Peterson for Bethany Beach Town Council. I attend town meetings and witness Chuck in action on the Finance Committee, Planning Commission, the Charter and Ordinance Review Committee and the 4th of July planning committee. His contributions are intelligent, articulate, and energetic. He has always done his homework and presents an informed opinion. He knows how the town works and how to get things done.

Chuck also touches the community each spring when he volunteers countless hours preparing tax returns under the AARP program at St. Anne’s church. In addition, his management experience in the IRS and his tax regulation expertise will be valuable to the town.

I know Chuck’s knowledge, experience and high energy level would be a great asset to our Bethany Beach town council. Please join me in voting Chuck Peterson into office, and returning Jerry Dorfman and Joe Healy to office.

R. Bruce Frye
Bethany Beach

Reader against lowering speed limit


Some individuals have suggested lowering the speed limit between Bethany Beach and the Indian River Inlet Bridge from 55 mph to 35 mph. With all due respect, I’m in opposition to this proposal because, in my opinion, I believe it will just increase the already horrendous bumper-to-bumper traffic prevalent throughout the coastal vacation areas. Why not consider installing barriers along the corridor, which should add some additional safety to bikers and walkers?

Bill Lee
Ocean View

Resident puts support behind Peterson


I have known Chuck Peterson for the past eight years. We met because of our love for dogs and both have dachshunds. We have enjoyed many walks together throughout Bethany Beach. Living in the same neighborhood, he is constantly looking out and helping our community for storm-related damages and he keeps his eyes open for any other occurrences to notify the proper owners.

Chuck has always been thorough in all his tasks. I have had the opportunity to work alongside him on town projects. Chuck has a take charge attitude and gets the job completed. Charles “Chuck” Peterson will make an excellent councilman. I urge all that love the town of Bethany Beach to vote for Chuck so that we can continue to have a fantastic community.

Barry Schweitzer
Bethany Beach

Reader asks DHS for safety measures

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Jana Simpler, director of the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, and was sent to the Coastal Point publication.

I’m a 69-year-old woman, a retired nurse who taught nursing at the baccalaureate level. I’m married, a mother of three and grandmother of five under the age of 8.

I grew up in New York City and worked in New York City for 30 years until moving here, so I do know traffic and crossing safely.

Each year, the traffic increases, but the safe driving practices decrease. We live in Bethany Beach, at the bay side of Ocean View Parkway. Trying to cross the highway to the beach is more and more dangerous. There is a light at Fred Hudson, and the next light is at Route 26 at Garfield. That is enough time for cars to accelerate way beyond the posted 35 mph. If a Bethany police officer is there, perhaps he will pull over a speeder, but most of them get away!

I have repeatedly sat on my deck and watched as cars (and trucks) speed by at all hours.

This past month has been incredible! I was crossing with my husband — a lawyer and retired FBI agent with over 30 years’ experience — and three of our young grandchildren. There were no cars coming southbound in our vision, which is almost to the National Guard on the south. We were almost crossed when two cars came and stopped, but a third car swerved around them and almost hit us! This is not the first time.

This coast is a beach vacation haven in the summer. The speed limit on the highway should be consistent and 30 mph up and down the coast in Delaware.

Going from 55 to 45 to 35 just doesn’t always happen. Many cars maintain about 45 mph minimum once they hit the 35 mph areas unless they see the police car.

How do I know this? I sat at the side of the road and monitored the electronic speed sign of people driving into Bethany one day for three hours.

I add my voice to those of most intelligent, reasonable residents asking for a speed reduction on our “main street,” at least during the busy time of the year.

The deaths we have had this summer could have been prevented. We need to have no more!

If we can’t have stop signs or traffic lights, please reduce the speed limit! A sensible, mature individual is no match for aggressive drivers with a 2,000-pound weapon.

Kathleen C. Smith
Bethany Beach