Millville Town Peddler to host artist Kelly Haskins

The Millville Town Peddler announced this week that it will host artist Kelly Haskins for a month-long exhibit and artist reception. The collection will be displayed at Millville Town Peddler, in the rear section, during September. Visitors can meet the artist at the Artist Reception on Sept. 21 at 4 p.m.

Haskins described her show: “I tend to see my work with a bit of an ADD flair, due to its surrealism, as well as differentiating topics from human emotion to paintings of animals. There is no one subject focused on. My mother has begged me for years to draw hearts and flowers, and I have sat down and tried, but despite my efforts, I am who I am.”

Haskins will be coming to Millville Town Peddler after completing a RAW Artists Show in Philadelphia, Pa.

The artwork showing of Kelly Haskins is free and open to the public. Haskins’ artwork will be available for purchase. Members of the community are being invited to come enjoy the art, take part in the meet-the-artist artist’s reception and sale specials, and to partake in light refreshments. For more information, contact Millville Town Peddler, 35308 Atlantic Avenue, (302) 381-5891, or visit and

Artists interested in holding a show at Millville Town Peddler can contact them by phone or email or in person.