Labor Day Weekend is just no longer the end

At one point, Labor Day weekend marked the end of the busy season for our little oasis by the sea.

Many of the stores and restaurants closed their doors, traffic out of town was tight on that Monday and locals gathered at the Bethany Beach Boardwalk to bid adieu to the recently-departed summer. It was a time for those who live here to take a deep breath and prepare to enjoy the fall season unencumbered, and business owners to kick up their feet for a moment before they began to worry about budgeting their money to make it through the long offseason.

But that’s changed a bit, hasn’t it?

For one thing, families in the metropolitan areas within easy driving distance are now seeing their children go to school before Labor Day, which usually means this last week or two before the holiday are not as busy as they used to be in the past. There’s a little lull that didn’t used to be here, and it’s got both its pros and cons — it’s nice to have an easier time driving down the local roads, but it’s hard for those businesses who are closing soon for the winter.

Another reason that Labor Day weekend does not cause us to roll up the sidewalks in the area anymore is that the fall features so many splendid events which have become prominent activities for the community. The Boardwalk Arts Festival, Punkin’ Chunkin’, Nanticoke Powwow, the new Millsboro Country Festival — all of these events, plus the recent popularity of fall weddings at the beach, have resulted in our area becoming more of a destination in the fall than in years past.

With all that being said, this weekend is still the traditional “end of summer” around here, and there will still be another incredible Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral to signify its untimely “demise.” The popular yART Sale will also take place this Saturday and Sunday, featuring eclectic items created by local artists. For more on both of these events, turn to our Arts & Entertainment section, starting on page B1.

Yes, Labor Day is now upon us. But that certainly doesn’t mean the fun stops now. Not anymore.

We want to thank the Town of Bethany Beach and all six candidates for Bethany Town Council, as well as all those in attendance, for a memorable Bethany Beach Candidates Forum last Friday evening.

All the candidates expressed a genuine love for the town, and treated each other respectfully and with tact. The Town is certainly in good hands the next two years.