Letters to the Editor — August 30, 2013

Healy, Dorfman, Peterson get support

Elections in Bethany Beach Sept. 7 signal a re-examination of town council’s accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. New candidates have come forward, and it’s always good to have new energy in small-town volunteer leadership.

As it happens, I know the two incumbents and long-term committeeman running for re-election in Bethany: Joe Healy Jr., Jerry Dorfman and Chuck Peterson. Joe, a CPA, and Jerry, a retired business owner, have made Bethany one of the best-financed American towns, with short- and long-term assets, management and plans that are exceptional. Chuck, a retired federal government executive, has been indefatigable in studying Delaware government on his own and participating in Bethany Beach committee work for years. All are permanent residents and major contributors to Bethany Beach’s wellbeing.

Their opponents expressed a newfound inspiration for participation in town government, all (based on their own statements) because of their opposition to the planned new hotel on the Bethany boardwalk, with scant platform plans or ideas expressed.

I always vote for the strongest candidates, not because I know them, but because of their track record of success and their plans for positive contributions. Healy, Dorfman and Peterson have such strengths. Unfortunately, their opponents do not.

Ed Appel Sr.
Bethany Beach

Bennett alerts public to DelDOT effort

Following a head-rolling scandal at DelDOT three years ago, featuring developer payouts at pre-recession levels for the much-maligned and unapproved U.S. 113 Eastern Bypass, citizens and legislators were assured that the portion affecting Dagsboro, Frankford and Selbyville was “dead in the water.”

Meanwhile, DelDOT has surreptitiously continued to spend millions more on this same flawed plan that does nothing to relieve congestion except to dump it back onto the same bottlenecked thoroughfares of Routes 24 and 113. Our legislators, Rep. John Adkins and Sen. Gerald Hocker, have pledged not to fund this “road to nowhere” but instead to opt for the “modified on-alignment” option to upgrade existing U.S. 113, as the citizens of Georgetown have done.

This will reduce the impact of the reprehensible “Deja Vu Alternative Blue,” which features six new interchanges, including one dangerously close to our local rural high school. The 113 bypass also calls for nine overpasses and five new bridges. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Most disturbing are the plans to bisect two historical African-American neighborhoods with a superhighway by informing none of its residents. The path of least resistance has been targeted for these communities and for pristine farmland and fragile wetlands.

Citizens must voice opposition at two upcoming public hearings by requesting the much lesser impact of the modified alignment instead. It has become painfully clear to citizens in southeastern Sussex County that we are being asked to support a project that will “legitimize” all of the millions of dollars that have already been wasted on developer payoffs, thus tying up things nicely for DelDOT and a developer-friendly administration. Down here, we call that that “throwing good money after bad.”

Carrie W. Bennett

FOSCL offers many thanks

The Friends of South Coastal Library thanks its “friends,” the more than 70 volunteers who worked hard to make this August Book sale on Aug. 15, 16 and 17 so successful. Without exception, each one of you outdid yourselves in providing excellent logistical support and efficient customer service. Thanks to your tremendous efforts, FOSCL raised over $5,800 to enhance the services and programs of South Coastal Library!

Thanks also to our community news outlets, local businesses and community organizations for your assistance in spreading the word, as well as your continued support of our gem, South Coastal Library. Of course, our sale relies on the participation of our fantastic community for its success.

The Friends are now collecting gently used materials for our next book sale. You are encouraged to bring your donations to the South Coastal Library’s main desk.

With continued deep appreciation to our volunteers and our community…

Theo Loppatto, Lois Rubinsohn, Audrey Young, Fran Markowski, Virginia Nee, Terry Drizd
FOSCL Book Sale Committee

Reader concerned with nation’s direction

“It’s a fine mess you’ve got us into now, Ollie.”

That classic line from old Laurel and Hardy films resulted in a good laugh. When our government leaders mess things up, it is not so funny. I’m thinking about our lack of foreign policy. Our government’s actions make me wonder what country it represents. It doesn’t appear to be America.

According to the New York Times, U.S. leadership secretly approved arms sales for Libyan rebels. The arms were sent via Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. These countries released arms to jihadists in Libya, Syria and Mali. The current leadership in Libya characterizes this action as a destabilizing force. Our ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was murdered by Muslim jihadists in Benghazi, Libya. But I’m sure there is no connection.

On another front in foreign affairs blunders, the hunt for Edward Snowden gave new meaning to the word fiasco. One of our leaders — no one will say who — ordered France, Italy, Spain and Portugal to forbid the over flight of the president of Bolivia’s plane. The pilot of the plane was forced to land in Vienna, Austria. Either the Austrian police or the Austrian military searched the plane, looking for that arch criminal Edward Snowden. We looked like absolute fools when it was found that “killer” Snowden was not aboard.

Until the above action, no one had offered Snowden asylum. Now, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and ultimately Russia, have all offered him asylum. Latin American leaders think we are idiots; our allies in Europe are looking like slave states; Austria came close to committing an act of war; our relations with Russia hit a new low; and Edward Snowden is safely ensconced in Moscow, telling the world our secrets.

And now Egypt! As dictators go, Hosni Mubarak wasn’t so bad, at least from America’s point of view. He maintained peace and stability, and he kept his word, to us and Israel. Then we helped Egypt elect new leadership that was anti-American and anti-Israel. The newly elected president was Egypt’s leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group historically tied to jihad and sharia law. Guess what? The people of Egypt objected to sharia law. The Egyptian military staged a coup, backed by the Egyptian people, and overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood.

What does this say about our leadership? Can you say “dither”? The Egyptian people openly say they are fed up with our interference in their affairs. We, in order to show our power and might, have canceled joint military exercises with the Egyptian military. Russia and Saudi Arabia have jumped in and set up joint military exercises and aid. What a fine mess we’ve got into.

When amiable Ollie got things in a fix, it gave us good laugh. When our leaders do it, it’s no joke. It could even cost us the Suez Canal. That is not funny.

Chuck Griffiths
Ocean View

Keenwick Sound grateful for help

The Keenwick Sound community thanks our business supporters listed below, vendors and the public who attended, and our dedicated residents, for a very successful 19th Annual Fair: Lowe’s, ’Bout Time Auto, Brasure’s Pest Control, the Clayton Theatre, Bella Pizzeria, Taste of South Philly, New Face in Town, Casual Designs Furniture, Royal Farms, Brasure’s Carpet Care, Blossoms, Kendall’s Furniture, Dumser’s Dairyland North, Warren’s Station restaurant, Rhonda’s Attic Consignment, Ruddo’s Golf, Rooster’s Nest, Fenwick Bait and Tackle, Fenwick Island Surf Shop, Deer Run Golf Club, Ropewalk Oyster House, Sea Shell City, The Cove Bar and Grill, Hair Designs By Iris, Just Hooked restaurant, Zen Spa, the Georgia House restaurant, Sweet Dispositions bakery, China Express restaurant, Millsboro Pizza Palace, Giant Food store, Rippon’s Seafood Market, Smitty McGee’s Raw Bar and Restaurant, Lighthouse Liquors, High Stakes Bar and Grill, Dirty Harry’s Restaurant and Bakery, Donna’s Family Cut and Curl, Fox’s Pizza Den, Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop, Holly’s Treasure Chest, Mancini’s restaurant, Mike’s Carpet Connection, Paco’s Paradise Woman’s Clothing, Wild About Birds, K&J Six Dollar Sales, Sussex Country Store, Delmarva Wholesale Distributors, EmIngs BBQ, North Bay Marina, Better Living Sun Rooms, Ken’s Bayside Pizza, Ray Perron’s Barber Shop, Sea Level Designs Inc., Coastal Kayak, Nantucket’s restaurant, Carolina Street Gift Shop, Fisher’s Popcorn, Chesapeake Climate Control, Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating Inc., Rena and Richard Jackson, Frankford Diner, the Blue Scoop, Delmarva Two Way Radio Inc., Floaters Gift Shop, Shore Bank, Mio Fratello restaurant, Energy Gym, Captain Mac’s Bait and Tackle, Roy’s Place Styling Salon, CPR Delaware, Bayside Wine and Spirits, Luna’s Cactus Café, Bayville Package Store, Fenwick Crab House, Fenwick Hardware, King Kone Ice Cream, Premiere Glass & Screen, Eastern Shore Clothing Co., Linz Jewelry, East Coast Upholstery, J.B. Brown & Company, Harris Teeter, Herr’s Potato Chips and Pepsi Bottling Ventures.

Bonny Spear
Keenwick Sound

Activist takes issues with local legislators

In response to Sen. Hocker’s and Rep. Atkins’ editorial: The residents of Millsboro also share in the concerns of the Vlasic pickle plant closing and the lost jobs. However, the residents of Millsboro do not share your joy with Allen Harim wanting to slaughter 2 million birds a week and discharge into the tributaries of the Indian River.

Unlike both Sen. Hocker and Rep. Atkins, we do not believe it will benefit Millsboro residents and definitely not the air and water.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever driven the roads heading to Bethany Beach on a Friday afternoon, common sense would tell most that traffic is backed up now, without an industrial plant with 700 employees.

While you both have “studied plans,” our community was not given plans. As a matter of fact, Freedom of Information requests have been held in “legal review” since June and July by state agencies, such as the Department of Transportation, Delaware Economic Development Office and Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. We do remember the promises of transparency that went unfulfilled.

And although Vlasic Pickles is leaving to consolidate and its parent company Pinnacle Foods is purchasing Wishbone Salad Dressing for $580 million, we, the taxpayers of Millsboro and the state of Delaware, have inherited yet another Brownfield site to clean up with taxpayer dollars. No one told us, living across the street on well water, that Vlasic left contamination of carcinogens like chromium or VOC’s. And this is in addition to the two Superfund sites and unsolved cancer cluster in our community now. We are done subsidizing pollution here.

While Sen. Hocker and Rep. Atkins think this will be a win-win for the economy and the environment, I make the argument that investing taxpayer dollars into funding an industrial slaughtering plant on the Indian River is shortsighted and further subsidizing pollution. In the list of impaired waterways of Delaware, 85 percent are not swimmable and 94 percent do not fully support fishing.

Sen. Hocker and Rep. Atkins — this is not success! We wish to invest in Delaware’s economy and in the environment that has created growth in this county for the past two decades. We want green fields, rather than Brownfields. Stop waving the flag for South Korean Allen Harim and start representing the taxpayers who pay your salary.

Cindy Wilton
Protecting Our Indian River
Possum Point, Millsboro