Letters to the Editor — September 13, 2013

Bennett urges public to fight Route 113 bypass


Following an in-depth, thoroughly researched chronology of the Route 113 bypass issue by Laura Walter, many of you are asking, “What do we do next?” You need to take the following steps as soon as possible:

• Contact all three of our local legislators by phone: Sen. Gerald Hocker, Rep. John Atkins and Rep. Ron Gray. Leave a brief message saying you are against the Route 113 bypass. You should also call the governor’s office and express your opinion.

• Attend one of two public hearings, on Sept. 18 at the Millsboro Civic Center from 6 to 8 p.m., or the Selbyville Fire Hall from 6 to 8 p.m. on Sept. 19. Comments may be written or oral.

• Visit the DelDOT website and view the map for the Millsboro-South Study/Blue Alternative. You can see for yourself that the new highway simply reroutes traffic back onto already-bottlenecked Routes 24 and 113. Such a tragic irony that this plan so clearly misses the mark.

Some politicians are saying that it will never be funded. Without giving you a dime, DelDOT can legally secure your property as a “designated corridor,” which will prevent you from expanding it or willing your property to your heirs. Do you want local farmers, homeowners and businesses to be in this position?

Don’t think you’re in the clear just because DelDOT hasn’t targeted your property. These are life-changing impacts for all of us. Do you want a highway interchange next to the Indian River High School? Do you think DelDOT is capable of building five more bridges in this region without putting the final nail in the coffin of our wetlands? Do you think crabbing and fishing will ever be the same?

I know you because you are my neighbors. I also know that you love this beautiful piece of salt and sand and earth and woods that we call home. A small handful of us can’t prevent this from happening without your help. It’s time to step up, to say no to this injustice so that we can look our children and grandchildren in the eye and say, “We stood up, we spoke out and we tried to save this precious piece of God’s country for you.” I have all the faith in the world that you will do the right thing.

Carrie W. Bennett
Bennett Orchards

Reader takes officials to task on plant


I just finished reading the article about the former Vlasic Pickle plant. Needless to say how disgusted I am with Adkins, Hocker and Markell, as well as the Sussex County Board of Adjustment. I guess you officials forget who put you in office in the first place I believe it was “We the people.” Now you blatantly turn your back on those of us who voted for you. Would any of you want this plant next to your homes? Of course not.

You sit in your offices and make good-old-boy decisions without giving any of our opinions a second thought. You tell the people that this will create 700 jobs when, in fact, half of these positions will be filled by Koreans who are paying big bucks to enter our country and work for this company for a year while waiting on citizenship. Guess you guys have not read up on this. Guess I have.

You also go on to mention that these positions pay above minimum wage and have benefits. I hope these benefits are nothing like yours, Mr. Hocker and hope the pay is better, because I cannot imagine working around chicken guts all day and making minimum wage.

As for the benefits: What percentage will Allen Harim be contributing to their employees, or will their employees be paying for these benefits out of their own meager earnings?

Maybe you gentlemen are able to fool some people with your silver tongues, but I am not one that fools that easily. I find it totally unacceptable that you politicians are selling out our country to the highest bidders, and this is exactly what it amounts to.

And on one final note, Mr. Hocker and Mr. Adkins, who are either of you to second-guess four environmental scientists’ opinion — from John Hopkins, no less? Environmental damage has already been done to this land. Allowing Allen Harim to go forth with this project will only put people and the environment further at risk. I guess it is easy for all of you to close your eyes and turn your backs when you do not have to live next door to it.

Melanie Breech

Dorfman grateful for support in election


I want to thank all the folks that who came in person or sent in their absentee ballots in the Bethany Beach Town election. I am truly honored being elected to a new two-year term.

I feel as most citizens, that Bethany remains the quiet family-oriented resort community and that we continue to ensure that we remain financially sound by working on future financial planning. I will keep my promise to continue to work hard and keep an open mind on the issues.

Jerry Dorfman
Bethany Beach

Reader says award needs to be revoked


President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Why is he not trying to show why he was worthy of this once-great honor and bring the warring factions together in Syria instead of pushing for a war that most Americans do not want? A war that will most likely kill just as many, if not more than the attack on innocent men, women and children last week. Something is fishy in D.C.

Theresa Garcia

Kypreos family thankful for support with event


We would like to thank the community and visitors for supporting the seventh annual yART Sale. It was a fabulous weekend, and we really appreciate all of our neighbors and visitors patience while driving and parking on Kent Avenue.

The Chinese Auction raised $4,255 for Contractors for a Cause. A huge thank-you to the artists for their beautiful donations and the Hardt’s for the kayak. We would also like to thank Scrub grass and Langley and WWtunes for the very appreciated and donated live music. Thank you to our kid tent volunteers: Lennea Downs, Hannah Nichols, Christina Ayoub and Amelia Adkins.

We are fortunate to live in such a supportive and generous community.

The Kypreos family
Bethany Beach

Peterson thanks voters, volunteers


I would like to thank all of the almost 1,000 Bethany residents who came out to vote on Sept. 7. Your interest and involvement in the wellbeing of our town is what helps make this a great place to live.

Special thanks go to my friends and neighbors who helped me with the campaign. Your tireless efforts to knock on doors, hand out flyers and walk around in campaign T-shirts made all of the difference.

Thanks also to the 703 residents who voted for me. I appreciate your confidence and look forward to serving the town on council. Your votes give me the chance to do so.

Chuck Peterson
Bethany Beach