Letters to the Editor — September 20, 2013

VFW Ladies Auxiliary thankful for help


The VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #7234 would like to thank the following businesses for their support in our cancer aid and research fundraiser: Salt Pond; Curves; Clayton; Sea Level; Magic Show; Armand’s; Turquoise; Bethany Marine Supplies; Café 26; Miller’s Creek; Lobster Shanty; Steamers; Giant; Hallmark; Treasure Island; Treasure Quest; Food Lion; Auto Plus/Goodyear; Southern Exposure; Surf’s Up; Bayside Golf; Wear It Out; Alice H. Klien Designs; Family Butcher Shop; Ellen Rice; Bethany Fine Art; Party Supplies; DiFebo’s; Shone Lumber; Fox’s Pizza; Dr. Donald Hattier; Red Barn Country Store; and Brooks Brothers.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post #7234

Reader discusses greatness of Bethany


Congratulations to Bethany! Saturday (Sept. 7) was a beautiful day, and not just because of the weather and the Boardwalk Arts Festival, but because of the exemplification of democracy. Having a contested Town Council election shows the strength and commitment of our community.

The challengers deserve credit for their passion, their willingness to step into the limelight and for keeping the incumbents on their toes. The fact that the incumbents won attests to the voters’ judgment as to the excellent overall management of the Town, regardless of the occasional controversy or hiccup.

Even the fact of our Bethany Arms development controversy demonstrates our collective abilities to gather information, reflect, adapt, compromise and devise a workable solution. Since the initiation of the development proposal, Town officials and Mr. Burbage made presentations, members of the public raised questions and requested time and answers, options were studied, a new zoning district for hotel lodging was created and a compromise was reached: zoning the properties to the new hotel lodging district, rather than a wide-ranging commercial zone or the prior residential zone.

Through the “messy” process of deliberation, argument and compromise, Mr. Burbage made public commitments to a limited size and a design which echoes the style and craftsmanship of the nearby boardwalk icons, such as Holiday House/Mango’s. And through the mechanism of the new zoning district, Bethany can be assured of continuing to have hotel lodging at the boardwalk, as it always has. I am proud to be part of such a great community.

Robin W. Baxter
Bethany Beach and Arlington, Va.

Reader: What’s right with America?


I have written several letters to the editor about my views on problems in our nation. I thought it was time to address what is right and good about our country. I thought about our Constitution, our government, our farmlands, our diversity, our ingenuity and several other things that made us great. Then, the answer hit me like an express train. What makes America great is Americans!

The average American guy and gal is one heck of a person. They are amongst the most virtuous people on the face of the earth. Most Americans are people of faith — 80 to 90 percent of them believe in God and pray regularly. Even those agnostics and atheists who question God’s existence acknowledge that the following the Fourth through Tenth Commandments is the best way to lead your life.

We are certainly hopeful. We enter every endeavor expecting a positive outcome. And, if it doesn’t work out, we pick ourselves up and start over again. Americans purchase lottery tickets by the millions, each in the hope that they will wake up in the morning as multi-millionaires. Publisher’s Clearing House runs a huge business based solely on our hope of winning. Some of our politicians base their whole election campaign on the promise of “Hope and Change”

We Americans are the most charitable people on earth. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Give ’til it hurts.” We give ’til we’re bankrupt, and then give some more. In terms of government giveaways, we are the world’s top donor. Our government aids other governments, around the world, to the tune of about $50 billion.

In terms of giving on the home front, the numbers are mind-boggling. The most recent figures I could find were from 2011. In that year, Americans gave away almost $300 billion to U.S. charities. That is almost a thousand dollars from every man, woman and child.

There are many historical examples of courage and bravery: the three hundred Spartans at Thermopylae, the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava and the resistance of the Jews at the Warsaw ghetto are just a few examples; but can any compare with Americans during the invasion of Normandy, or the Marines at Iwo Jima, or Hamburger Hill or four Americans left to fight and die at Benghazi? God’s green earth is strewn with the graves of Americans who went out to fight for the freedom of anyone who was willing to fight for their own freedom.

We are not a perfect people, but we are the best I know of. Every day, I thank God for letting me be an American.

Chuck Griffiths
Ocean View

Healy thankful for support in election


I wish to express my thanks to all that took their time, consideration and support to each of the Bethany Beach Town Council candidates. A specific thanks to all that gave a priority to my candidacy.

During my upcoming term, I will continue to put forward my best effort for the benefit of our Town. Your comments and critiques will be appreciated.

A special thanks to all that gave their advice, assistance and time on my specific behalf during the election process, and further, I want to acknowledge to you, the voters, how humble and appreciative I was at your overwhelming support. A very special thanks to my wife, Peggie, Connor Joseph and Riley Kathleen, as well as my entire family, for their loving support and understanding during this period.

Now it’s time to get back to work.

Councilman Joseph Healy Jr.
Bethany Beach

Reader shares her tale of Seas the Day


I was one of the lucky people who got to attach herself to a family of a wounded warrior during Operation Seas the Day. My business partner is one of the organizers of this event, and at the last minute, they needed a little extra help, so she asked me. I almost missed it! I almost did not get to be a part of this amazing week in Bethany.

I was co-host to a family of seven — a dad with six kids. I met them on Tuesday. They were stone-faced, right down to the 4-year-old. They had had a long ride south from outside of Philadelphia, had to sit through a bit of introductory ceremony surrounded by strangers.

By Thursday, they were a completely different group of people. They were smiling. They were hugging. They were having a blast. They didn’t have to pay for one lunch or dinner, thanks to our little town. They got to eat dessert before dinner, ride Jet Skis, paddleboards and kayaks. They did miniature golf, shopped, beached and slept. All thanks to our little town of Bethany.

Yesterday, my wounded warrior (the dad) sent me this:

“Breathtaking, Endearing, Tranquil, Heavenly, Accommodating, Nurturing, Yielding–

These are the words I think of when spelling Bethany


If ever I am lost and find myself in Heaven,

Let it spell Bethany

If ever I am shallow and in need of warm greeting,

Let it spell Bethany

If ever an Angel graces me with a helping hand,

Let it spell Bethany

With my every breath I leave my life written in the sand,

I will spell Bethany

Because Even Their Homes Are Now Yours

Thank you.”

Imagine — him thanking us.

Pat Hendrickson
Bethany Beach

Safe Haven Board thankful for support


The Board of Safe Haven would like to thank all of the volunteers that have stepped up and helped as Safe Haven goes through this time of readjustment. We have had volunteers cut the grass, walk the dogs, clean the living spaces and assist with all phases of our operation. The volunteers’ time and effort is greatly appreciated by the Board and, most importantly, all the animals in our care.

We would also like to thank all of the people that donated funds, without which we could not continue. We have spent approximately $15,000 in health costs the last month alone.

Since July 29, we have adopted out over 70 dogs and need to find permanent homes for the animals in our care. The time to adopt is now. Please think of us and bring a new “loving member” into your family.

Your continued help is the sign of “love” that our animals want and need.

Again, thank you and please continue to help.

Board of Directors
Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary

Sierra Club weighs in on Harim plant

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

Concerning the Harim Millsboro proposed chicken processing plant, the Delaware Chapter of the Sierra Club requests that the Department of Natural Resource Environmental Control (DNREC) publically communicate a complete timeline and full schedule of all required permits and public hearings.

The application for each permit, as well as full disclosure of all additional appropriate relevant materials, be made publically available with sufficient time to allow for full review by the public before the hearing. We also request:

• Require the brownfield cleanup of this site be completed before any permits are considered. The prior food production company that occupied this site left us with a brownfield.

• A calculation be provided to the public by DNREC of the total maximum daily loads (TMDL) that result from this facility based on load limits, not concentration. The standard being no net increase in nutrient loads. As you are aware, there are currently loads of nutrients that exceed their TMDLs.

• Harim be held accountable to provide for the disposal of the additional 130,000 tons of manure the facility would generate (U.D. estimates 1.25 tons per 1,000 birds). The facility currently projects processing 104,000,000 birds annually on 100 farms. This would be a 52 percent increase in total poultry processing in Sussex County. Sussex County currently is generating 250,000 tons of poultry manure, of which 40 percent is excess. Most of the excess is stored in sheds built with taxpayer funds. Perdue is working on several innovative approaches for using manure for commercial products.

The two public presentations — June 17, 2013, Millsboro Fire House Town Hall and the Sept. 6, 2013, Center for the Inland Bays Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee events —produced no significant information concerning the details of handling stormwater or wastewater treatment.

The water quality of the inland bays appears to be at a tipping point. The Inland Bays watershed can’t sustain this level of increase in poultry concentration and its consequences.

The long-term negative impact on the Inland Bays must be addressed.

Chuck Schonder
Ocean View

Reader concerned with proposed road


I am a concerned citizen of Sussex County and want to comment on the Blue Alternative route DelDOT has selected with regard to U.S. 113 traffic issues.

There are at least five concerns that cast a serious negative impact on the Blue Alternative:

(1) The Blue Alternative is among the most costly of alternatives considered;

(2) The Blue Alternative does not adequately address traffic issues, it merely moves it from 113 to the new roadway south of U.S. 113 to the new roadway south of U.S. 113;

(3) There does not appear to be professional staff in-house or contract with sociological and demographic skills to characterize the near- and long-term projections for DelDOT;

(4) The Indian River High School and School District will be seriously negatively impacted by the Blue proposal;

(5) The environmental impacts of the Blue Alternative are very negative but appear to be given insufficient weight.

I look forward to participating in the public hearing process in mid-September.

Hal Wallach