Shady Grove II gets good news, and water

Sometimes in life, those things many of us too often take for granted are the things that can have the most impact.

Take Shady Grove II in south Selbyville, for instance. Residents in the apartment complex have complained for years about the smell, color and general quality of their water. The Town of Selbyville has argued that the water quality is fine going to the complex, and there must have been an inherent problem with the infrastructure of the building itself to cause the situation. The owner of the company that owns Shady Grove II argued that this is Town water, and that Selbyville is at fault for his residents having poor water.

Perhaps we forgot to mention that this complex is housing for senior citizens with low income.

The Town installed a chlorinator as a courtesy in August 2012, and residents said the water quality improved. However, the Office of Drinking Water determined that the device was developed for swimming pools, and not for drinking water, so it was quickly removed.

And then, on Aug. 29 of this year, a new chlorinator was isntalled at Shady Grove II. The Town says it did not do it, and the property manager we spoke to declined to comment on where it came from, so we are left to assume the company that owns Shady Grove II did it themselves.

And this is just terrific news.

Residents have told us in no uncertain terms that the water quality has improved drastically, and they are cooking and bathing in it now, as opposed to stockpiling bottled water and using paper plates, as they did before.

We are thankful that the citizens of Shady Grove II now have better water coming into their homes, and we tip our hats to the ownership company for installing this chlorinator, if we are indeed correct in our assumption that it was them.

The Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce announced recently that Executive Director David Martin was resigning his position due to personal reasons. To fill the void at the top, the Board of Directors has named incoming President Kami Banks to fill that role until Martin’s replacement can be found.

We thank Martin for his contributions to this area’s business community and wish him nothing but happiness in the future. We also commend the Board on deciding to have Banks run the show in his place. She is hard-working and smart, and knows the needs of businesses in this community. Kudos!