‘A Certain Kind of Light’ opens at Gallery One in Ocean View

“A Certain Kind of Light” is the title of the new art exhibit at Gallery One in Ocean View that is now open to the public. Each of the 15 gallery artist will be showing an original work inspired by the theme.

Looking for an idea, Joyce Condry discovered her “certain kind of light” reflected on her living room wall. Several views of a palm were visible at the same time, creating a multi-leveled optical illusion. The first level was the plant itself; the second was the direct shadow on the wall from the plant. Then shadows from the leaves above were cast on the leaves below and all were washed by white light from an indirect source that softened and lighten the gradation of color. Condry titled her acrylic “Southern Exposure.”

Tara Grim, who lives close to the marsh, painted “Sunset on the Marsh,” a study of color and light. The sun is painted large and warm and almost touches the distant cool horizon. Land reflects in a mid-stream of water with broken dabs of yellow and white. Contrasting the water is a foreground of dark grasses painted in tall thin strokes of vivid pink, blue and ochre.

Also using the landscape close to home, Lesley McCaskill painted “Breath of Fall,” an acrylic that shows the cool transparency of mist and fog as it moves through the forest by her home. Dense areas of colorful foliage and tall tree shapes are woven with ribbons of neutral wisps of paint.

Dianne Shearon is showing “Watching the Waves,” a watercolor. In this ocean landscape, Shearon offers a study of gentle movement of the ocean at low tide.

Celebrating the close of a fall day at Assateague, where the autumn sun washes across the sweeping natural landscape there is a certain kind of light. With that in mind, Peggy Warfield created an acrylic and collage work called “Day’s End.”

Two artists have chosen the light of Tuscany as special and unique. In “Late Afternoon, Tuscany,” Laura Hickman paints a light that creates a warm, pink glow that filters through the landscape, showing the rich earthy colors of a November afternoon. Dale Sheldon paints an acrylic, “Tuscan Light,” which shows bright sunlight on the hillsides, which are dotted with the famous Tuscan cypress trees.

These are just a few of the art works that will be on display at Gallery One.

The public is being invited to visit Gallery One to view this show and see the other art work the in the gallery: jewelry, pottery, textiles, wood, glass and photography. Gallery One is always staffed by one of the artists and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on Monday, Sept. 30, when the gallery will close at 1:30 p.m.. The gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean View. Visit the website at www.galleryonede.com for more information on Gallery One artists and classes or call (302) 537-5055.