Shoulder season great for visitors, locals

Spring and fall are affectionately referred to as “the shoulder seasons” around here.

Not the solitude and cold of winter, nor the heat and crowds of summer, spring and fall offer opportunities for local organizations and groups to host events during decent weather, and with roads open enough for people to feel like making the trek to go do something different. Fall, in particular, has become the shoulder season that seems to generate the most activities.

And this weekend might feature the biggest shoulder of all.

Check out our Calendar listings this week, beginning on page B3. On Saturday, alone, one could attend a seminar on lyme disease, attend an indoor yard sale, an artisans festival in Bethany Beach, used book sale, several fall festivals, a cornhole tournament and folk art sale. Still have some energy after all that? Try the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra’s season premier at Mariner’s Bethel United Methodist Church that night. On Sunday, there is a presentation on the history of Sussex County at Sound United Methodist Church, and a few more fundraisers for local organizations. And that’s not even taking into account all the charitable golf tournaments taking place over recent and future weeks.

So, still think we just “roll up the sidewalks” around here after Labor Day weekend? Think again.

The area is becoming more and more active during the shoulder seasons, and local businesses are keeping their doors open longer than before to accomodate these events.

We know. We harp on the importance of shopping local on this page a lot, but it’s more important than many of you think. Local businesses that remain vital add flavor and individuality to our area, and allows the community to be more unique than most parts of our country. By extending their viable seasons into spring and fall, chances improve that these businesses will be there again next summer when vacationers return to enjoy what made their last trip memorable.

It’s the circle of life in our area, and if our local restaurants and shops do well, we all get to enjoy those services longer.

Remember, this is not only a time for the area to draw vacationers to the community, it is also a time for the locals to get out and enjoy some of what the area has to offer. Sure, the weather report looks pretty gloomy for this weekend, but many of the events are being held indoors and weather should not play a factor.

As a last-minute update, the Parson Annual Fall Festival has been moved to next weekend because of the weather forecast. It will now be held Saturday, Oct. 19.