Letters to the Editor — October 11, 2013

Beebe thankful for support with event


The 2012 Beebe Medical Center Auxiliary Children’s Fun Fest, held at Winswept Stables, was a fantastic and special event for everyone who attended this enjoyable “day at the farm.”

Now in its 12th year, this event continues to attract community-wide support in the form of sponsorships and underwriters helping to make this a very special day for children.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the following businesses, medical practices and individuals for their generosity: Bayside Health Association; Beacon Pediatrics; Cape Gazette; Cape Orthopaedics P.A.; Country Life Homes Inc.; the Hudson family; Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant; JGM Custom Painting Inc.; Jack Lingo Inc.-Realtor; Delaware Beaches Jellystone Park/Camp/Resort; Lewes Auto Mall; Lewes Realty Inc.; M & T Bank; the Meoli Companies; Mid-Atlantic Family Practice; PNC Bank; Prudential Gallo Realtors; Quillen’s Hardware; Southern Delaware Imaging Associates; Striper Bites; Sussex Emergency Associates; Sussex Pulmonary & Endocrine Consultants P.A.; Michael C. Sutherland; the Bank of Delmarva; and Wal-Mart, Rehoboth Beach

We also extend our appreciation to those businesses that provided in-kind donations: Beebe’s Treasure Chest; Coca Cola Bottling Company; Community Bank; Food Lion, Rehoboth Beach; Giant Food, Rehoboth Beach; Giant Food, Millville; Harris Teeter, Millsboro; JGM & Associates, Custom Painting Inc., Lewes Board of Public Works; M&T Bank, Peppers; Pepsi Bottling Ventures; Philly Pretzel Factory, Midway; Rita’s Water Ice; Safeway, Rehoboth Beach; Super Fresh Food Market; T.D. Bank; U.S. Foodservice; and Wawa Inc.

A special feature of this event each year is the educational exhibitors. This year’s list was particularly impressive. We offer our sincere appreciation to these very special organizations: Beebe Medical Center’s Community Health and Trauma departments; Elks Drug Awareness; Lewes Fire Department & Fire Police; and “story time,” sponsored by the Lewes Public Library and the Riding Club.

We extend our sincere thanks to the Children’s Fun Fest Committee, the Beebe Auxiliary volunteers, the Cape Henlopen Elks Lodge #2540, for coordinating the food pavilion, the Cape Henlopen Army Junior ROTC and Boy Scouts Troop #2540 for their unselfish support and hard work which made this annual event the best ever. Very special thanks to the Beach family, who hosted the event at Winswept Stables.

Jovanna and Michael Ciambella
Children’s Fun Fest Co-Chairpersons
Beebe Medical Center Auxiliary

Reader: Plenty of blame for shutdown


Why are we blaming the Tea Party Republicans for closing the government?

Most news analysts and elected officials blame (or credit) a “small group of House Republicans” who voted to close the government in order to gut the Affordable Care Act.

The House of Representatives has 435 members. There are 232 Republicans, 200 Democrats and three vacancies. The House passed the bill that caused the government shut down 228-201. Two Republicans voted against the bill, while two Democrats supported it. (Apparently, nine members did not vote.)

There are 52 Democrats, 46 Republicans and two Independents in the U.S. Senate. The Senate vote was 54 to 46. Every Republican Senator voted to close the government.

Doing simple arithmetic shows that 226 (97 percent) of Republican representatives and 46 (100 percent) of Republican senators voted for the government shutdown. Seems like “mainstream” Republicans voted right along with the Tea Party members.

Joanne Cabry, Chair
Progressive Democrats of Sussex County

LWV pleased with EPA standards


Members of the League of Women Voters of Sussex County were pleased when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a carbon pollution standard for new power plants. These new standards are an important step in the fight against climate change that President Obama foreshadowed in a critical speech just a few months ago.

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of our lifetime. As the president of the LWVSC, I am proud to stand in support of the president’s plan to cut carbon pollution from new power plants and fulfill his commitment to people, not polluters.

Power plants are the largest emitter of life-threatening carbon pollution in our country and the leading cause of climate change. Carbon pollution has deadly effects on the health of our children, seniors and our environment.

Climate change comes at a high cost to all of us, contributing to more frequent storms and deadly weather that result in billions of dollars of recovery costs for local communities every year. Reducing the amount of carbon pollution from power plants is a life-saving measure that will protect our children, our nation and the world from the devastating effects of climate change.

The League of Women Voters of Sussex County looks forward to working with the EPA to implement life-saving measures to protect our children, our nation and our world from the damaging effects of climate change.

Jane Lord, President
League of Women Voters of Sussex County

Reader believes ACA doomed to fail


One should never underestimate a country’s inability to imagine its own destruction fostered by its political elite through their selfish quest for power with means that are morally unjustifiable, but best serve their desired outcomes.

Over the past few weeks I, as have many of you, received electronic letters from Sen. Carper about the legitimacy of the “Law of the Land,” the unaffordable ACA. Now, given that not a single Republican voted for it, and that not a single Democrat against it, is it no wonder its legitimacy is being questioned by the American people?

The outright bribery of Democrat senators and representatives for their votes by President Obama; and, a Supreme Court decision where nobody on the Court, even those who agree with Robert’s conclusions, concurs with his reasoning, has infuriated a large segment of the population.

I have to ask, who are these people defending the indefensible with their hectoring in an attempt to convince me they are robbing me for my own benefit? Every man is allowed his insanity, but Carper and his Democrat colleagues have exceeded their limit with the ACA.

Have they elected to participate? Their constant somnifacient drone in support drives one to the border of somnolence. Calling it nonsense embarrasses those that use such pointless claptrap. They have substituted political thinking for critical thinking in their desire to increase their personal and party power at our expense.

The U.S. has over $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities for its promises, and the ACA is estimated to add another $50 trillion. That is simply the history of these programs. Throughout world history where the state owns or controls much and the individual little, these false promises of altruism that revolve around consuming more than one produces are failing and plunging the inflicted societies into financial and citizenry chaos.

These seductive promises of socialism claimed by Carper and his colleagues, that they can create a utopian lifestyle for all through wealth redistribution, has never worked and its absurdity is foreboding of national ruin. This present path leading to the government becoming the main pensioner and medical provider, in turn, further leads to the loss of personal and economic freedoms. It sounds much like the policies of those countries that we spent the 20th century freeing with our blood and treasure.

Further, it is a shameful partisan and political act that has become a national disgrace to set up our progeny to live in a debt-laden country because we are unwilling to accept personal responsibility. The irony of the Democrat argument is that the “Tea Party,” they claim as anarchists, seems to be the only group of Americans who understand that the welfare state is mathematically impossible, and during the 20th century it has fostered a true Dreamtime by fooling the masses. The government is a clumsy manager, and their policies of false hope quickly become a scourge to the people they are intended to serve.

Failure will be the legacy of the ACA as that is the plain history of the world. The real solution for our republic for medical insurance is simple: unleash the powerful forces of the American entrepreneurial class by separating health insurance from the employer and thus returning the individual to his rightful place as the first-party participant. What else has ever worked more successfully in America than each of us being first-party participants in our personal transactions? That is our history!

Richard L. Spencer

Golf outing a success, thanks to many


The St. Ann’s Men’s Club would like to thank all the participants and the following contributors for their generous donations to our recent very successful charity golf outing at the Salt Pond. The Men’s Club will use the profits to continue and add to its charitable work. Last year, the Men’s Club was able to provide over $10,000 in revenue assistance to many worthy recipients.

Our donors are: Armand’s, Bay Club Golf, Bayside Golf, Bayville Package Store, Beach Liquors, Beam Insurance-State Farm, Bear Trap Dunes, Bethany Bay Golf, Bethany Beach Books, Bethany Florist, Bethany Blues, Bethany Florist, Bethany Massage, Bethany Wines and Liquors, Café on 26, Casapulla’s, Cottage Cafe , Countryside Café, Cripple Creek Golf, , DiFebo’s, Dirty Harrys, D’Ortone’s, Fishers Popcorn-Fenwick, Float-ors, Food Lion, Frog House, Fox’s Den/Pizza, Giant Food, Golden Scissors Barber Shop, Harpoon Hanna’s, Harris Teeter-Salt Pond, Hocker’s Car Wash, Hudson’s General Store, Jules Restaurant, Lobster Shanty, Mango’s, Mancini’s, M&T Bank, Melson’s Funeral Home, Mickey’s Crab House, Millers Creek, Millard Gomez, Ocean View Diner, Off the Hook, Parkway restaurant, Perucci’s, Papa Johns, PNC Bank-Selbyville, Rick Solloway/Raymond James Investments, Roosters Nest, Ropewalk Oyster House, Ruddo’s Golf, Sabor restaurant, Salted Rim restaurant, Salt Pond Golf, Seaside Country Store, Tourquoise restaurant, Treasure Island, Studio 26 Salon and West Fenwick Car Wash.

Thank you.

Dick Malone and the Golf Committee
St. Ann’s Men’s Club

Reader continues thought to state rep

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to state Rep. Ron Gray (R-38th) and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

I want to follow up with my concerns expressed this evening at Hocker’s. I believe you misunderstood the concern expressed by the first Route 54 community resident.

Many of the communities along the Route 54 corridor are concerned about what the next large storm may bring in terms of rising water/tides. Many of us have a significant amount of our savings invested in our homes on the bay.

We are asking that you, as our representative, facilitate a meeting, or seminar as you called it tonight, that will educate us as your constituents, as to what we may do to be pro-active in preparation for the unfortunate event of water damage from the bay. We would like some professionals to speak with us about legalities, proper insurance, safeguards our communities can put in place now and safety plans, such as access to generators, etc.

Keenwick has graciously offered their clubhouse for such a meeting. We already have volunteers from the communities who could attend and report back, in order to minimize the numbers attending.

Many of us are well-educated professionals. We would like our concerns to be recognized, valued and worthy of a professional response.

Anne Weeks
Swann Cove