The countdown is now officially on — shop local!

Well, the clock is officially winding down on Christmas.

There are now less than two weeks to go before the big day, and hopefully those presents you bought for out-of-towners are now en route through various delivery services, the presents for those you are going to see are wrapped and ready, and all that is left is picking up those last-minute gifts to fill someone’s pile up or take care of that one person you might have forgotten.

Or, you are like many of us and haven’t started.

While scrambling for these last-minute gifts, remember to see the forest for the trees. There are plenty of options locally to pick up for friends or loved ones, and you are doing a good turn for your own community when you shop local. You keep money in the area, you ensure that our wonderful shops and restaurants stay viable and you are less likely to have to face the aggravation of long lines or little help that you receive at some of the national stores.

For some local gift ideas, turn to page B31 of this week’s paper for our local holiday gift guide, and pick up next week’s Point for more ideas. Also, click our “Piece of the Beach” icon on our website to see more local businesses that offer great local buying ideas.

Give somebody something uniquely from our area this week and it will promise to hold meaning for the recipient. You will also be doing your part to keep our community humming along.

We want to congratulate Marjorie Eckerd, Brian Baull and Theresa Ulrich for their wins in the recent Dagsboro Town Council election. We’d also like to thank Diane Carey and William DeHaven for throwing their hats into the fray this election, and helping push along the democratic process in the town by making an election even possible.

These are two-year terms in Dagsboro, and we know that the Town has many choices to make over that two-year span. Growth is always a conversation in our towns, as is infrastructure and service. What gets voted on over this next two-year period could affect the residents of Dagsboro for the next 50 years. The job of town council members is vitally important in every part of our nation — and it probably impacts the day-to-day lives of residents more than anything decided in Washington.

We are thankful the residents of Dagsboro had the opportunity to select who would lead them in the next two years, and grateful for all the candidates who chose to run.