What might 2014 have in store for our area?

Another year is nearly in the books, and we can go about this one of two ways. We can go the simple, borderline moronic route and take a look back at the year that was (see the simple, borderline moron’s column below), or we could process those things we have learned over time, take a look at which way the winds are blowing and make a few predictions for what is ahead for our picturesque community by the sea.

Since we set that up so predictably, let’s just pretend our choice is a surprise and take a look into the future:

• The Indian River High School athletic department has another state championship in their future in 2014. Football? Soccer? Softball? Field hockey? We’re really not smart enough to give you an answer. But they will raise another banner at IR.

• This will be a big summer season. The visitors we had come down this year from New Jersey and New York because of storm damage done to their nearer beaches had to be happy with what we provide down here, and the guess is many of them will come back, joining the traditional Pennyslvania, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. crowds who have been coming here for years. The momentum is just starting to build, we feel.

• There will be a little friction on the Sussex County Council this year, either between members or generated by someone else who works at the County level (an unhappy sheriff, possibly?). The Council has worked together well over recent years, even if they don’t always agree, but even years mean national and local elections, and that often boils some blood.

• Speaking of bad blood, with major projects being done with the Bethany Beach Streetscape project, Route 26 and various other work being done throughout the community, expect there to be some frustrated business owners and residents in the community.

• One last potentially negative one, we promise. We think there could be several cases of lyme disease in the next year in this community. It seems to be making its way here more and more every year, and with an overpopulation of deer in many areas, this one sadly seems inevitable.

• Our publisher will win an award. It’s what she does.

• We feel like we’re going to dodge any big storms that come our way. There is absolutely no scientific research to explain why we reached this conclusion, and it might simply be based on the fact that we’ve gotten lucky over and over again. Or, we could be wrong. But we’re not. We’ll be fine.

• Your paper of choice will be the Coastal Point. Eerie, huh?