Dagsboro looks to get social this year

New Dagsboro Town Councilman Brian Baull is not taking long to put his stamp on the Town.

Baull recently presented an idea to the rest of the council that would place Dagsboro firmly on the social networking scene. By hitting people on Facebook and Twitter, the Town would be able to provide information to its followers at a moment’s notice, no matter where those people might be at any given time.

And while towns and cities around the world have been jumping on the social networking express, it is probably even more important to an area like ours. Even in Dagsboro and other more-inland towns, many homeowners actually live in primary residences out of the area. With newspapers and towns providing information on votes, weather updates and other decisions and events, more people are aware, and the community can be stronger than ever.

Baull is showing what a new council member can bring to a town, simply by sharing new ideas. The warm reception his thoughts got from the rest of the council shows that they are more than willing to listen.

These are all good things for Dagsboro.


The Town of Frankford is having its annual election on Saturday, from 1 to 4 p.m. Currently, five candidates are scheduled to compete for three seats, with each seat carrying a two-year term. Another potential candidate was to have a final decision made on his eligibility after we went to press Wednesday, so please keep an eye on our website for updates on that.

This is an important election for Frankford on many levels. As the Town seeks to continue to grow, important decisions lie ahead. It will be largely up to those comprising the next town council to make those decisions, and to ultimately steer the town, and its residents, into the future.

We ask all residents of Frankford who are registered to vote to do just that. We vote for officials in a democracy who we believe would vote in our own interests. It’s important that you identify those interests, and vote accordingly.