Local businesses investing in their future, and ours

Local businesspeople are making news this week.

The owners of the Cottage Café offered a sneak peak of their latest venture to nearby residents, who in about a year’s time may have a choice of two Poffenberger/Neville-owned restaurants on Route 1 south of Bethany Beach that they can patronize.

Meanwhile, the Hocker’s supermarkets and other businesses have swapped out credit card scanners that were potentially vulnerable to the kind of data theft seen recently in across the country for a more secure system, and one that will also accomodate expected future security improvements to U.S. credit cards.

That’s a standard that won’t be required until 2015, but the Hockers have already taken that step and invested in new systems to help assure customers that their information is safe.

Both of these businesses are examples of our local small-businesspeople taking the needs of their customers seriously and investing in the future and the local economy, which in turn helps assure that there will be more jobs available for local residents in the years to come.

The Cottage Café’s meeting with neighbors exemplified a proactive stance on keeping the community informed and working to address concerns. While they’ll offer desirable outdoor entertainment and dining, they’re limiting the hours of the entertainment and trying to assure the noise is directed away from residences.?They’re even planning a sandy playground for families.

And Hocker’s proactive move helps assure that their businesses aren’t threatened by a data heist in the future, with less in the way of resources to keep them afloat in a crisis than a big chain has. That means more assurance for employees, as well as customers.

Both of these businesses, and many of our other local businesspeople, have made strong efforts over the years to accomodate the needs and wishes of their customers and the community, and that kind of good corporate citizenship is often rewarded with continued or expanded patronage.

And that’s as it should be. It’s yet another reminder of the importance of shopping local and supporting our local businesses. They employ us and our neighbors, and our support leads them to thrive and further invest in our community, helping create a bright future for all.