McClenny brings right attitude to fight

We work very hard at this paper to maintain a sense of neutrality, both in the stories we write, and with our interactions with local public officials. By maintaining a certain degree of distance between our reporters and the subjects they cover, we elevate our probability of being able to write fair and balanced articles.

However, at our core, we are all people. We run into people we enjoy, and we also encounter those we might not so much. It’s a delicate balancing act, and we depend on editors and proofreaders to catch any inferences that might not be considered “center of the road,” so to speak.

Tony McClenny is one of those individuals who has been widely liked, both in our offices and by the general public, from what we can determine.

When news broke a few weeks ago that McClenny was sick, many of us felt torn apart inside. When we received one of his famous newsletters informing everybody that things were looking good and he was maintaining his optimism, we all let out a collective sigh of relief.

But that was somewhat fleeting.

McClenny resigned his position as mayor of Bethany Beach last Friday night, announcing that his brain tumor was going to require drastic steps to attack. He made the announcement with his typical candor and humility, and made sure to thank his wife, Claudia, for her constant support, Bethany officials and everyone he has encountered in his time with the Town.

In short, he left office with the same grace and composure he has held for the past nine-plus years serving Bethany Beach.

We know McClenny has a tough road ahead with his treatments, and we also know his sense of humor and zest for life will serve him well through this struggle. As McClenny himself said, “There are no guarantees, according to the physicians, but there is always hope.”

Yes, there is.

All of us here at the Coastal Point wish McClenny nothing but good luck and clear skies as he faces this fight, and wish him and his family plenty of smiles in the future.