Here’s an easy way to lend a helping hand

A long, cold, relentless winter has left many of us with chattering teeth and expanding waistlines, as we burrow under our blankets, watch movies and scarf down warm comfort food.

If that describes you, consider yourself fortunate.

Too many people, even in our mostly-affluent area, find themselves unable to afford food for their families, as they attempt the precarious juggling act of providing both nourishment and heat, at a time when utility bills spike drastically. That does not even take into account the number of people who live day to day without a roof over their heads.

With that reality in front of so many people, the Bethany Beach Christian Church & Conference Center will host a Fil-a-Truck event for Bethel Tabernacle Church’s Helping Hands Food Bank on Saturday, March 8, from 10 a.m. to noon.

The group is looking for food staples from the public that are non-perishable. They also get financial support from ACTS, and they use some of that to buy meat for the families they serve.

According to Babara Atha, coordinator of the food bank, they serve 118 families each month in the area. Those families range in numbers from one person to 11, and that is a significant amount of mouths to feed.

There are numerous organizations throughout the area collecting food and winter coats for those in need, and they are easy enough to find. But we really wanted to highlight one event this weekend that is close to home that you can truly make a difference simply by getting rid of some stuff taking up room in your cabinets.

If you have some food items around your house you can spare, please don’t hesitate to run it down to the Bethany Beach Christian Church, Saturday morning. It might seem like a little, but it could go a long way.

While we have your attention, we want to remind everybody to turn ahead your clocks this weekend. We’re finally getting to that time when daylight will be around a little later now so we can more easily see the fog come out of our freezing mouths when we breathe. Enjoy!