Justin’s Beach House looking for MOM help

This is truly the week we celebrate community efforts on this page.

As the Clayton Theatre celebrated its rebirth as a spot for digital movies this week, another community-led effort is back in the news for all the right reasons. The Justin W. Jennings Foundation and Contractors for a Cause organization collaborated in 2005 in an effort to build a home in Bethany Beach that could serve as a respite for families affected by the ravages of cancer. The thought was that the difficulties for a family going through the pain and suffering of a loved one fighting cancer are so mentally and physically draining that a chance to enjoy a week at the beach with each other would be appreciated and cherished.

So far, so very good.

Families have come and gone from Justin’s Beach House over the past few years, and all indications have been that they have truly enjoyed their time together at the beach. Businesses and individuals have continued to make donations to ensure that those families have memorable visits to the beach, and it is impossible to argue that this project has been anything less than a resounding success. And now there is a new element to the fundraising efforts.

The Mortgage of the Month (MOM) program has now been established, as organizers hope to collect donations from the community to satisfy the monthly mortgage payments, thus allowing the group to use non-restricted funds to pay down the principal. Their hope is to receive 21 donations of $2,000 apiece, and they believe they can pay off the entire mortgage by December 2015 if that goal is achieved.

According to organizers, Jeff Baxter of the Jeff Baxter Mortgage Team, Mackie Banks of Banks Wine & Spirts and an anonymous donor have already jumped on board. Obviously, not everyone can put together $2,000 for a donation, no matter how strongly they believe in the cause. But organizers stressed that people can pool their resources together to make a donation.

This is another step in making sure that Justin’s Beach House is a success and reality for years to come.