Under construction, but open for business

After months of bitter cold temperatures, snow blanketing our pristine community and ice coating our roads like it was simply part of the surface, spring has officially sprung for many of us here at the beach, with Easter weekend now upon us.

We are seeing more faces around our little coastal oasis, there are more businesses with their doors swung open and there are generally more people out and about, armed with smiles on their faces after a long, hard winter. And, yes, there are more cars on the road, without question.

In that vein, for those of you who are returning to the area after a winter away, or those who have never been here before, you no doubt notice a lot of road construction happening — particularly along Route 26 and in downtown Bethany Beach. These are both major projects, and have created a bit of acrimony throughout the area, either by motorists stuck in traffic or businesses feeling slighted because the work makes it seem hard for people to access their buildings.

The key thing to take out of that last statement, of course, is that these businesses are indeed open, and ready to serve.

Do not be intimidated or concerned because of the work being done or ominous signs posted along these areas. The businesses that inhabit those areas are, in fact, open. Stop in. Find those little items unique to the beach, and dine at some of the finest restaurants you are going to find anywhere.

Yes, we are under construction here, but we are humming right along as we go through it, and the results along Route 26 and in downtown Bethany Beach will be well worth the aggravation of a little extra drive time or a slightly longer walk from your parking spot when the work is done. This area will only continue to improve in the future, and these are simply growing pains right now.

The staff of the Coastal Point wish to all of you a wonderful Easter weekend, or a continuation of a fabulous Passover, whichever the case may be. We are proud you came to visit us over your holidays, and remind you that we are indeed open for business throughout our little slice of Heaven by the shore.