Lady Indians shutting down opponents

Something very special is happening with the Indian River High School Lady Indians soccer team.

Though we know many athletes and coaches are supersticious, and we’d hate to be the cause of any bad vibes by discussing their performance, it’s simply time to recognize that this team is doing some unbelievable things on the pitch this year. That’s not simply a statement of opinion. There are some very real numbers to back us up on this premise.

The Lady Indians topped Laurel 7-0 last week, which is a dominant score in itself in the world of soccer. Consider that this was the sixth consecutive team to face off against the Lady Indians who did not score a single goal, and you can easily see the defensive dominance the team is displaying. Want more proof? Well, the Lady Indians have outscored their opponents by an eye-popping cumulative score of 41-0 over that period.


“We’re trending in the right direction,” said Steve Kilby, the coach of the Lady Indians team. “Things are going the right way and the mojo is really positive. We’re diligently focusing on maintaining that. I don’t think they’re overconfident — I don’t think they recognize their potential. I don’t think they understand the opportunity that they have. I think it plays into our overall team attitude and atmosphere right now.”

The team is enjoying spring break right now, and some of their tougher tests will be following that hiatus, including a May 1 battle against a strong 7-1 Sussex Tech team. But, as of this point, the team is truly looking like something special, and something this entire community can rally around together.

We have seen Indian River claim state titles in both football and boys’ soccer over recent years. Might we be looking at another with the girls’ soccer team?

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