Ocean View looking for developments to join town

In an attempt to clear up some confusion over borders, as well as generate a little more revenue, Ocean View officials are hoping some developments in unincorporated enclaves surrounding the town decide to join the Ocean View family.

“What we would like to do is regularize our Town’s outline,” explained Ocean View Councilman Bob Lawless. “There are areas within the present geographic limits of political Ocean View that are not in our town, like Lord Baltimore Landing, right next to the Melson building. It is not in the political town of Ocean View.”

There is no doubt that there is a little confusion in some parts of our area that can result in an identity crisis. There are some areas on the same road that have Frankford or Ocean View mailing addresses, even though they don’t technically exist in either town. Other than Lord Baltimore Landing, Lawless also pointed out the communities of Forest Reach, Summerville and Providence that could approach the Town about being incorporated.

So, what benefits would these communities have in rolling under the Ocean View umbrella?

Well, police coverage would increase, as officers in the Ocean View Police Department would begin making these communities part of their regular patrols. With the rash of burglaries throughout the community, largely connected to substance abuse problems, more police cars driving by one’s home is always a good thing.

There is also the benefit of having a town responsible for road maintenance, as opposed to having a homeowner’s association (HOA) foot the bill, and generate an assessment for each homeowner. And, after this past winter’s snowstorms, it would probably be nice for an HOA’s treasury to have a town pay for snow removal.

Of course, many of these communities no doubt resisted incorporation in the past for any number of reasons, such as being subjected to the laws and fees of the town and, in Ocean View’s case, the town government did not exactly have a sterling reputation for several years as bickering amongst officials cast a bad light on the entire town.

But this is different leadership now. Will that attract residents?