Shops and restaurants are fully open for business

Schools are now closed throughout much of the region, so vacation time is nearly in full-effect in our little piece of paradise by the shore. So, for those of you who are down here for the first time this season, enjoying all that we have to offer, welcome, and please remember one thing:

Route 26 is open. The businesses along Route 26 are open. And the only times there are lane closures until Oct. 1 are between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., Monday to Thursday nights.

And, if you happened to visit here a few months ago, and were maybe a little put-off by all the construction work happening in downtown Bethany Beach, shake that out of your memory banks. The work is done for the season, and all your favorite restaurants and shops are open for business downtown.

This has been an off-season of heavy road work for our community, and businesses along Route 26 and in Bethany Beach have felt the effects — not to mention motorists who have been banging their heads against their steering wheels in frustration over delays and lane closures. Fortunately, the powers-that-be have recognized, with a little help from business owners, that the summer season is vital to the very fiber of our community, and work has been pushed back until the weather changes again and the pace of life in the area slows down a bit.

Get out and enjoy all that our area has to offer while you are here, and worry not that your favorite shops and restaurants might be closed. We’re doing well here now, and definitely open for business.

If you are looking for things to do, places to eat or anything else that might be on the top of your mind, we invite you to try our new mobile app, Explore Coastal Delaware. It will be available for free download in both the Google and Apple stores on Sunday, June 15, and we really do encourage you to download it when you have the chance.

The listings will give you addresses and phone numbers of places you’re looking for, as well as offer the distance from your current location — and our services listing will get you any kind of help you might need, from automotive to banking to medical. You can even make custom postcards to send your jealous friends and family.

Explore the app. Explore Coastal Delaware.