‘Happy Hour’ opening at Gallery One in Ocean View

“Happy Hour” is the subject of the current art show at Gallery One. It will open on June 26, featuring 15 artists’ interpretation of the concept of “Happy Hour”: 15 artists, 15 different “happy hours”

Coastal Point • Submitted: Pat Riordan's watercolor is titled, 'Girls Night Out.'Coastal Point • Submitted: Pat Riordan's watercolor is titled, 'Girls Night Out.'“Girls Night Out” by Pat Riordan illustrates the contemporary coinage of the term “happy hour.” Her image is of a bar’s interior, with ladies clustered in groups — some at the bar and others seated at a table, being served by a waiter.

“Is the sun over the yardarm yet?” is a phrase sailors used as a reason to celebrate with libations. Inspired by the boater’s expression, Joyce Condry’s oil painting shows a rough sea with the hope of a clearing sky, as a bit of sunshine breaks through and promises the sailors time at their favorite pub.

Using a dominance of bright colors and various clock images, Peggy Warfield has collaged a piece titled “Time After Time” and asked the question “What time of day is your Happy Hour”?

Likewise, Tara Grim paints in the abstract to share with the viewer her feeling of happiness at the moment she has brush in hand and a blank canvas in front of her. “Merging” is a “right-brain” creation.” Without concentrating on a specific subject, she shares with the viewer her “a-ha moments,” her happy hours, as she develops her artwork.

“October Light” by Damon Pla concentrates on a special light that is present in the landscape just before dusk. “There is a moment in a day where the sun is about to sleep and the moon is waking up. This light is the most intriguing to me. It is light and dark at the same time. I pursue to capture it in almost every painting I create. It is a glow that calms the mind and softens the heart and leaves us only to absorb how inspiring the world around us really is.”

Using one of her favorite subjects, the landscape of inland waterways and marsh, Dianne Shearon painted “O What a Day.” It is an acrylic on canvas that shows the jewel-clear light washing over the local scenery.

A memory of an event in an artist’s life is the subject of several Gallery One artists. Dale Sheldon painted “North Shores; After the Wedding,” re-creating the setting where her friends exchanged their wedding vows. The sun is spilling across the sky, beach, surf and rocks: a perfect scene on a perfect day.

“Searching for Treasures” by Lesley McCaskill is attributed to the act of spending time with children, which she said has brought her endless hours of joy. A child’s playfulness and energy is contagious and makes simple activities special, she said.

Using a 1958 family photo as reference, Laura Hickman treats the viewer to a nostalgic time at the beach. With a limited palette of black and white, the beach is pristine. There are no visible toys, chairs or umbrellas, no crowds of people — just a few children.

Hickman, her sister and cousins are playing. The group is entertaining themselves: some are doing cartwheels, some are in headstands and some are tossing sand. The setting is Sussex Shores, when the turn-of-the-century lifesaving station was still present. The charcoal rendering is titled “Happy Hour.”

This is a small sampling of the work to be seen at the upcoming show.

The public is being invited to visit Gallery One to view this show and see the other art works by the 15 gallery artists and browse the fine-craft room devoted to jewelry, pottery, textiles, wood and glass.

Gallery One is always staffed by one of the artists and is open daily, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. In July, the Gallery will stay open until 6 p.m. Gallery One is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean View. Visit the website at www.galleryonede.com for more information on Gallery One- artists and classes or call (302) 537-5055.