County races appear to be ones to watch this year

With Bill Carroll deciding to drop out of the Republican primary for the Sussex County Council District 4 race, the picture in that election gets much more clear. It will be local political heavyweights Shirley Price and George Cole battling for that seat.

Price is a former state representative with an avid and loyal group of supporters, as well as a prominent real estate agent who has stayed active in the community since leaving office. Cole is the longtime incumbent, with a family history of serving Sussex County Council. Both have huge name recognition in the area, negating one advantage a candidate typically has over the other.

While there is still time before the July 8 deadline for somebody else to jump into the election, all eyes are firmly on Price and Cole, at this point.

Meanwhile, the race for longtime County Councilman Vance Phillips District 5 seat is still looking like a doozy, with Phillips, County P&Z Chair Bob Wheatley and Dagsboro Mayor Brad Connor fighting for that spot. Again, this is incredibly intriguing because of the fact that all three candidates have high name recognition in the area, and all have traits they can bring to office that would serve our community well.

Elections from municipalities through county, state and federal races appear to be more hotly-contested than normal this year, and we ask each of you to take a long look at each candidate and study his or her positives and negatives before making informed decisions at the polls. There is sure to be lots of party-politics, and some overly-enthusiastic supporters putting out information both true and false this year. Take your time and make the choice you feel will best suit you.

Well, it’s officially that time of year, and we ask everyone driving our streets this summer to show a little patience for your fellow motorists, and to be vigilant in watching out for pedestrians and bicyclists along the roads.

Local police departments are extremely proactive in helping bicyclists and pedestrians be as safe as they can every summer, but there always seem to be some tragic and fatal accidents each year. We’re all trying to enjoy the area together. Let’s pay attention to what we’re doing as we travel back and forth.