Millsboro officials consider the big and small

The Town of Millsboro has been facing a few challenges.

Not that the town has the major issues or concerns some others do, both locally and nationally — more standard quality-of-life issues, such as revitalizing the downtown area, improving the roads, monitoring traffic, etc. They are simply the issues of an older town trying to move forward, as opposed to the catastrophic financial concerns some communities are dealing with, or runaway crime spoiling a town.

What we do have to do before we move on here is tip our caps to the officials who keep Millsboro humming and civil. Yes, they do have problems they need to fix. But they appear to us to be actively working on ways to fix them, and tend to listen to their citizens’ concerns better than some other towns we cover.

As evidence, we present the most recent Millsboro Town Council meeting, which took place on Monday, July 7. The Council heard from the engineering firm URS as to very real concerns over cracks in the town’s roads, which could develop into major issues with “one harsh winter,” according to Rick Davis from URS.

Council members listened attentively to what Davis told them, decided to review all his information and set about fixing this problem at a future meeting. But then the council went into another topic — one that appears small on the outside, but speaks for everything that is great about small-town life.

Town Manager Faye Lingo told Council that people have inquired about using Cupola Park to hold weddings, and that a local church group had also reached out in regards to using the park for a public concert, which would not be sponsored by the Town.

“I think we have a beautiful park, and we should allow it to be used,” said Councilman Tim Hodges.

And that was that. The rest of the Council voted unanimously and the park will now be used for private affairs. No fuss. No muss.

It sounds so simple to serve the people, and they did.