Get out and enjoy the rest of this summer season

This has seemingly been a summer that everyone has been waiting for — and that is for a variety of reasons.

For starters, almost all of us were daydreaming of summer weather throughout our long, harsh winter. By the time we got hit with another snow storm on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone was just about fed up with the cold stuff and ready to feel sunshine meet faces.

The massive road projects that took place throughout the days of spring have also been put on hold for the summer, allowing navigation along Garfield Parkway and Route 26 to actually be a little less frustrating in the summer than they were in the off-season. Oh, there are certainly more cars on the road, but if you were here in April, you know what we’re saying.

It’s also been a season where we’ve seen a lot of people here on a week-to-week basis. Like the rest of the country, we were hit hard by the recent recession. As signs are pointing up across the board, we see that in our little slice of Heaven, with increased crowds here over the summer. That’s good for everyone.

Of course, the recent spate of rain probably hasn’t been received well by most people who don’t farm or garden regularly, but that’s really not something we can control, so we’re just going to have to suggest that everyone rides it out until we get our customary sunny skies back shortly.

So, where are we going with this, if everything appears right in the world? It’s an editorial, after all, and this is where we are supposed to serve as the community’s ambassador and demand one thing or another from one group or another.

Well, we’re not going to do that this week.

What we are suggesting is everybody gets out and enjoys what’s left of this summer before it goes away again. We all, particularly those of us who live here year-round, say that we’re going to do so many things over the summer, then don’t. We’re asking that you do. Hit the local shops and restaurants, play in the ocean, fish, camp, go for long day-trips with the windows open, the music turned up loud. Enjoy summer. Have fun.