Two world series tournaments hit Roxana on Sunday

Roxana, the stage is yours.

Twenty teams from around the world — some of which are from right here in Sussex County — will descend upon the Pyle Center this weekend for the dual-headlined event of the Senior League and Big League Softball World Series. As host of the two championship tournaments, District III has a team in each event, and that team has traditionally done well, with the Big League team winning the entire thing last year.

For the players who have come here with their respective teams, we offer congratulations. Obviously, nine out of the 10 teams in each tournament will ultimately fall short in their quests to win a world championship, and that will sting for each player whose team is not celebrating at the end.

However, this is an experience you should relish from the moment you arrive, regardless how it plays out in the end. When you are old women playing with your grandchildren you will be able to tell them about how you and your teammates earned the right to compete against the very best in the world, and you gave it every ounce of effort you had. Win or lose, this is one of those moments in your life you will never completely forget.

For the parents of these remarkable young athletes, we offer you congratulations and thanks, as well. We know the sacrifices that go into being a parent of young athletes, and we know how proud you are all feeling right now. All we ask is that you all remember this is an event for the girls. The umpires, organizers and volunteers are all doing their best to provide a fair, fun and exciting tournament for the players, and we encourage all of you to keep the emotions in check, as hard as that might be watching your children compete at the highest level.

There will be eight games a day at the Pyle Center, from Sunday through Thursday, as the girls play a round-robin format to advance, with the tournaments ultimately wrapping up on Sunday (full schedule on page A95 of this week’s paper).

Congratulations to all who made it this far.