Gallery One’s new show features views through an ‘Open Window’

Inspired by the theme “Open Window,” Gallery One artists watercolored, oil painted and created in acrylic for the gallery’s featured wall for the month of September, opening Aug. 28 and running through Oct. 1.

Coastal Point • Submitted: Dale Sheldon’s ‘Castle Hillside’ acrylic painting is just one to be featured at Gallery One’s new ‘Open Window’ show.Coastal Point • Submitted: Dale Sheldon’s ‘Castle Hillside’ acrylic painting is just one to be featured at Gallery One’s new ‘Open Window’ show.Four felines peer through a window at a sister cat, who is outside looking in, in Pat Riordan’s “Cat Wishes.” The piece invites the viewer to make up their own story of the scene. Laura Hickman’s pastel “Wire Window” is of a curious goat, looking at the visitor through the wire window of his fenced enclosure.

Sonia Hunt’s “Windows, Windows, Windows”, is a watercolor of the old city of Seville, Spain. Along the narrow street, she has painted the buildings with windows above each other, side by side and opposite each other; views from every direction.

Using the medium of watercolor, Lesley McCaskill painted “Reflections on Red,” which captures the freshness of white Japanese tree peonies. The flowers in the foreground and the garden beyond are reflected in the window. She was inspired by the play of colors and shadows in the piece.

“Reflection of an Artist in a Window” is an oil painting by Jeanne Mueller. She was plein-air painting at the Indian River Lifesaving Station and wondering what to paint for the current Gallery One theme when she saw herself and the background of beach foliage reflected in the building’s window. She had her answer.

Colorful, bright and breezy, Tara Funk Grim’s “Three Vases” tells the viewer that the garden outside her window has been brought inside her home and placed in three vases for her (and their) enjoyment.

A painting featuring white daisies with a splash of rainbow colors in the background has the title of “You Are My Sunshine.” Dianne Shearon saw the flowers in the morning sunshine and was compelled to grab her brush and palette and paint.

Fresh fruit on an old, deep sill and the fields and hills of the Italian countryside framed in the open window gave Dale Sheldon the composition for her acrylic “Castle Hillside.” It’s early spring; the fruit is yellow, the fields are chartreuse and the hillside is pale blue and lavender. Peggy Warfield’s acrylic piece “The Table is Set” paints an ancient sun, ancient fields and an ancient inn. The viewer is inside, looking out. The day is gold and sunny.

Joyce Condry said of her oil painting “Could I Wear This?” “While gazing into a shop window at the dresses worn by Size 2, hairless, albino mannequins, I couldn’t help but notice the gestures and expressions of my fellow window-shoppers. They could be read like an open book in their reflections in the window. “Oh, that is gorgeous!” “Who would wear that?” “You’d have to be really thin.”

This is a sampling of the work to be seen in the show.

The public is being invited to view the show and see more work by each of the gallery artists and visit the special display of fine crafts made by local artisans, such as jewelry, pottery, textiles, glass and wood.

Gallery One is always staffed by one of the artists and is open daily, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue in Ocean View. Visit the website at for more information on Gallery One’s artists and classes, or call (302) 537-5055.