South Bethany makes good choice for chief

We are really big fans of community policing.

We love when members of the Ocean View Police Department talk to the Chamber of Commerce about keeping their businesses safe and secure or swing by Lord Baltimore Elementary School to make sure things are safe. We like seeing Bethany Beach police talking to people along Garfield Parkway, and Selbyville and Frankford police having conversations with residents and business owners. These are all methods of both building a stronger community through a collective partnership and maintaining a sense of vigilance from members of the area to help give the police more eyes.

These are all good things, in our opinion.

As is the recent hiring by South Bethany of Troy Crowson as police chief.

“He started here,” said South Bethany Mayor Pat Voveris, speaking on Crowson’s 26 years with the Town’s police department. “He aspired to this. We’re really thrilled that it’s working out for him.”

We are not just happy that Crowson is being given the job. We’re equally excited that he had to legitimately earn it, topping 84 other candidates from around the nation. When familiarity with a town and superior competence merge, good things typically happen. And we feel this is a good thing for South Bethany all around. And Crowson appears legitimately thankful for the opportunity.

“The people are special,” said Crowson. “It’s a tight-knit group — just good people to work for, to know.”

We congratulate the Town of South Bethany and Chief Troy Crowson on this hire.

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