Banks recognized for selflessness, grand vision

Kami Banks has long been an influential voice in the community, somewhat belying her relatively-young age.

She is known widely throughout the region for her family’s business, Banks Wines & Spirits, and served succesfully as a member of the Millville Town Council. To add another hat to her already impressive collection, Banks assumed the duties of president of the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce last year, a job that comes with more than its fair share of responsibilities for the active business owner.

Want more? Shortly before Banks took over that role, the former executive director of the Chamber resigned suddenly, leaving Banks to put on yet another hat in order to keep the Chamber running smoothly.

She could have simply left her post at that point, citing too much on her plate, and nobody would have thought twice. Instead, Banks jumped into all of her responsibilities with zeal, and led the Chamber into a new era, mingling in new business owners with the established, and taking the Chamber to new frontiers along the way.

For her efforts, Banks was recognized last week by the Chamber with the prestigious Lighthouse Award. Though she was obviously touched by receiving the award, we get the feeling Banks feels just as rewarded seeing the Chamber, and entire community, blossom during her time at the reins.

“I’m born and raised in Delaware,” said Banks. “I graduated high school and said I wanted to get far away as possible. I quickly realized my freshman year (at Ohio State University)... I wanted to be here.”

And she has most definitely come back with a purpose. Besides her stint as a town council member, Chamber president and director, she also has served on the Atlantic ImmediCare board and received a “Friend of the Bays” business award.

We congratulate Banks on receiving this high honor, and thank the Chamber board for making such a strong decision.