Once again, we ask for you to cast your ballots

One of the msot anticipated election days we’ve had in quite some time will finally take place next Tuesday, Nov. 4.

No, there’s nothing as glamorous as a presidential or gubernatorial election during the mid-term balloting, but the ramifications of this year’s elections will be strongly felt, both locally and nationally.

Close to home, we have two interesting Sussex County Council races going on in front of us. In District 4, longtime incumbent George Cole is attempting to defend his seat from noteworthy challenger Shirley Price, formerly the state representative from the 38th District. In District 5, Bob Wheatley, a well-known figure in the county for his work on planning and zoning, will oppose Rob Arlett, a relative newcomer to the scene, and already a prominent member of local Republican organizations. Those two candidates are hoping to replace longtime Sussex County Councilman, and former president, Vance Phillips.

There is also a very interesting rematch over in the 42nd District for state representative. Incumbent John Atkins will be trying to hold off challenger Rich Collins for that seat, and two years ago Atkins was able to come out on top in a photo finish. Keep a close eye on that one, as well.

Voter turnout is always a significant factor to watch in elections, and this year’s will be no different. Some say that a small turnout means people are generally satisfied with how things are going and don’t feel a need to get out and vote. If you are in that group, please reconsider. If you are happy with the status quo, and want it to remain the same, get out and defend it with your vote. If you want change, get out and make your voice heard, as well.

As has been our policy since we started the Point, we are not running any letters to the editor regarding this year’s election in this issue. We do that simply because nobody has an opportunity to respond before the polls open. Judging by the letters we have received, many of you do care about this election. Please show it with your vote on Tuesday.