Try to think ‘local’ this holiday season

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means many people across these fruited plains are taking a moment to appreciate what they have around them, families are braving the crowds to get to one another for the holiday and the smart turkeys are all hiding out until the mad rush passes.

And, of course, there’s shopping.

Somehow, someway, Black Friday has become a monumental even unto itself. Oh, it’s been around for quite some time now, but it really appears as if it has become as significant to many people as Thanksgiving itself, and the competitive prices and annual scuffles amongst shoppers prove that it has become as intense to some people as those participating in the NFL’s Super Bowl.

The day itself has impacted how many people spend their Thanksgivings, and we won’t even discuss how many stores are starting their sales on the very night of America’s family day. With sales beginning at many stores before dawn on Friday, significant amounts of families shut down before dark on Thanksgiving to get some sleep in preparation for the big day.

Like it, love it or hate it, Black Friday is here to stay, and it’s probably become the most significant days of the year for our nation’s retail economy.

With all that being said, and without trying to put any kind of damper on the shopping festivities, there is an alternative to elbowing strangers and suffering sleep deprivation in order to get some holiday shopping done.

Shop local.

We have plenty of interesting stores, shops and restaurants that provide unique gift ideas for the holidays. Buying from our local proprietors offers opportunities to buy gifts that can’t be found everywhere else, affords you the opportunity to shop in peace and helps our entire economy. Think local this year.