We’re in a rush, but there’s a local solution

Hanukkah is now in full swing, and Christmas is only days away. We hope that all of you have holidays filled with family, friends and pure joy and love. This is indeed the season of religious celebration, togetherness and humanity, and despite all the headaches and pressures affiliated, we trust there will be plenty of smiles along the way.

And, of course, there are gifts.

We give some. We receive some. And we conspire with others on some to make sure we can come up with the perfect gift for that special someone. Days, weeks and months often consist of planning, saving and buying to make sure we can give those smiles to the people we care for the most.

And as silly as it might sound to the younger people of the area, it is in fact the gift of giving that brings the most joy as we get older. You like seeing someone truly appreciate your gift, and get a great deal of satisfaction yourself knowing you made that person’s world a little happier, if only for a moment or two.

But, no matter how well we plan, or how good our intentions, there are always those last-minute gifts we find ourselves scrambling to obtain. Maybe a quick look at the piles under the tree tells you that someone needs another something or another to even things up, or an acquaintance surprises you with a gift and you feel an obligation, or someone simply fell through the cracks.

However you found yourself in this position, and most of us do, you need to get a few late gifts. Well, it’s probably too late to order it online unless you are willing to sacrifice your savings for shipping costs. And you probably want to avoid the lines and aggravation at the malls.

The solution is simple: Buy local. Check out local shops and restaurants, help the economy and save yourself the headaches.