Remember those around you this season

As you are reading this, you are probably either in the final steps of Christmas preparation, winding down another Hannukah with the family or in full-scale recovery mode, finally catching your breath after getting through the holiday rush.

Whatever state you find yourself in, take a moment to look around you and think about the good things that are happening in your life. It’s easy to focus on the to-do lists, financial struggles, family issues, work concerns or everything else that’s weighing on your mind right now. But what we all neglect to do nearly often enough is to take stock of all that we have to be grateful for around us on a daily basis.

This can be a tough time of year for many people. Mourning those we’ve lost takes on another level during the holidays, and being away from family or loved ones can take an emotional toll. Some are struggling because they’ve moved somewhere new, or are going through a painful divorce or just don’t have enough money to make ends meet. It’s cold out, it gets dark earlier and depression thrives like a fungus.

But there is good out there, and that’s what the holidays should bring out in all of us. If you know someone who might be feeling lonely or sad this time of year, extend a hand. Give that person a call, swing by for a visit or welcome him or her into your home for a holiday meal. Life can indeed be about the little things, and your small gesture could mean a great deal to somebody desperately searching for just that.

Besides, what better way to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season than by sharing it with others?

We want to wish all of you a wonderful holiday and a prosperous and rewarding new year ahead. Thank you for your support!