Local hacking should open all our eyes

WBOC reported on Tuesday that their website and Twitter page were both hacked late that morning by “CyberCalliphate.”

Hackings are not uncommon, as we have seen them more and more over the years — most notably with Sony.

But this was something that caught more than just the eyes of those who follow these things. This hacker, or group of hackers, posted pro-Islamic State propoganda on both sites, including messages such as “I love you ISIS” and “There is no law but Sharia!”

WBOC was apparently able to gain back control of its website Tuesday afternoon, but its Twitter feed was still under the control of CyberCalliphate on Wednesday morning.

It’s easy to assume this was some kind of early launch in a cyber attack by ISIS, and it very well could be. We won’t know any of the facts for quite some time, we imagine. To their credit, WBOC reached out to a newspaper in New Mexico which was attacked by CyberCalliphate on New Year’s Eve, and contacted law enforcement. They also got information out to their viewers in a timely manner and say they have been working with Twitter to try to seize back control of their page on the popular social networking site.

Other than that, there really appears to be not much more they can do. We’re sure this will cause conversations around the country on how to better protect websites and other feeds, but we’re also guessing the Sony situation did that, as well.

This is something to monitor closely. It’s frightening that something like this hit so close to home, but it also gives all of us a reality check that this could happen anywhere, to anyone. We’ve seen retailers and banks hit by hackers, along with Sony, and this is as real a threat to us as anything else.

Again, be careful with passwords, and change them often. It won’t stop all hackers, but it could stop yours.