‘Paint What You Love’ is on display at Gallery One through March 3

Artists find that their work is more expressive, energetic, soulful and successful, when they paint what they love. For the January/February’s exhibit theme, Gallery One partners painted subjects that were special to them.

Lesley McCaskill’s watercolor, is titled “Moored by the Canal.” When she paints outdoors, McCaskill says, her senses are heightened. She wants the viewer to feel the solid, anchored boat in contrast to the waving grasses and wispy moving clouds. She asks the viewer to imagine the fishermen’s voices, the singing of birds, the water lapping the shore, while enjoying the smell of the sea. Nothing compares to painting on location.

Peggy Warfield’s collage/mixed media piece, “Light in the Trees,” tells the viewer that her back yard with birds and trees and marshlands and bays is a place close to her heart.

Orange, blue and green Adirondack chairs face the sea in Aubre Duncan’s watercolor, “Reserved.”

Duncan loves to paint simple colors and shapes that tell a story. The empty chair invites the viewer to sit and enjoy the view.

Sonia Hunt loves to travel and to paint what she experiences. This month she takes the viewer to Venice and a gondola drifting down a sunlit canal in “Into the Light.”

Awed by the beauty of the tulips in the gardens of Keukenhof in the Netherlands, Dale Sheldon was inspired and challenged to capture a fleeting moment of light and color. She did. Her mixed-media painting, “Tulips from Amsterdam,” is bold, bright yellow and minimal.

In her travels, Laura Hickman loves to find new places to paint. This month she captured reds. golds and lavenders of the sunlit houses on a hill in Sintra, Portugal.

Just west of the Delaware beaches, Joyce Condry found cornfields to paint. She says “The colors change from August green to autumn gold and lots of shades in-between. It’s the in-between colors that I like best.” Her pastel is titled “Delaware Farm.”

Cheryl Wisbrock loves painting familiar beaches and marshes. This month her image is of the Bethany area marsh and wetlands as seen from across the Salt Pond. She calls her watercolor “The View From Here.”

Rina Thaler explains, “On an recent trip to Amsterdam, I became enthralled with the canals and the way they represent looking through time to the Amsterdam of the 1600s. While life in that city is so progressive in many ways, many of the buildings, bridges and canals have been the same for 400 years.” Her mixed-media piece is titled “Looking Through.”

Tara Grim painted “Traghetto-San Sofia” on Venice’s Grand Canal. She used the dining room in their palazzo as a make-shift artists’ studio. Looking below her she watched the San Sofia traghetto. It is one of the few local gondolas that ferries locals from one side of the canal to the other and all passengers stand during the crossing, somewhat like 10 people standing on a paddleboard.

This is a sampling of the work to be seen in this show. The public is being invited to view the show and see more work by each of the gallery artists and to visit the special display of fine artistries by local artisans who specialize in pottery, jewelry, blown glass, weaving and wood artwork. The gallery is always staffed by one of the artists and is open daily, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visit Gallery One’s website (www.galleryonede.com) for more information and the opportunity to sign up for monthly e-blasts, or call the gallery at (302) 537-5055.

The Gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View.