Frankford must maintain safety momentum

When Frankford Police Chief William Dudley formally announced his retirement recently, many in the community became somewhat concerned.

Dudley, and his fellow officer, Nate Hudson, were often seen patrolling the streets of Frankford, acting as a deterrant to criminal activity and genuinely offering a sense of peace to many in the town through their presence. Dudley was also active in the Town’s new park, helping provide a safe place for people to get out and enjoy a day or get some exercise.

Things appeared to be much better in Frankford as far as crime went, and that goes a long way to improving everyone’s quality of life.

Then word came out this week that Hudson had submitted his resignation from the Frankford Police Department, and you can easily see why some in Frankford are concerned. Couple that with rumors that the Town might be moving forward without their own police department, and speculation began to run rampant. However, it does not look like all is lost, Frankfordians.

“It is very important for us to keep our residents in this town safe,” said Cowncilwoman Cheryl Workman. “We need police patrols in this town... We need our own town police.”

Workman also said the Town would indeed be advertising for someone to fill Hudson’s position.

We won’t begin to speculate why Hudson chose to leave Frankford’s police force, but it does leave the Town with an important role to fill. If officials are indeed committed to maintaining the police department, it is imperative that they make two smart hires here to keep the quality community policing efforts Dudley and Hudson performed part of the Town’s profile.

It has seemingly worked, and, at the least, it has provided a sense of security for many in Frankford to see their protectors actively patrolling their streets. We have heard directly from people in Frankford who feel safer these days. That’s important.