Gallery One artists’ works ‘Under the Influence’ in March

Recalling advice from a mentor to be aware of your surroundings? Remembering the lines of a favorite song? Mesmerized by the miracle of a flower? Enchanted by the magic of a far off city? These moments are the influences that can make an artist take a brush, set a canvas on an easel, put out paints and — create. And for the month of March, the artists of Gallery One have painted to the theme “Under the Influence.”

Lesley McCaskill remembered a friend and mentor who told her to look for beauty in a winter landscape. She found her celebration of winter in “Flight Pattern,” a watercolor of subtle grays and soft lavenders and pale pinks with geese in their flight pattern.

Pat Riordan found that the theme allowed her to express her thoughts without the usual restrictions she puts on herself. “Bridge over Troubled Waters” is an impressionistic watercolor interpreting the words of that song.

An insignificant brown amaryllis bulb given as a Christmas gift — Cheryl Wisbrock watched it awaken from its dormant state into a “glorious, double-stalked flower with four giant blooms on each stalk.” Her watercolor, “Double Whammy,” aims to capture the miracle of a flower.

Wintering in the sub-tropical area of southwest Florida influences the world Peggy Warfield paints. Her acrylic, “Winter Bloom,” is of a lush, hot pink, magenta, lavender, coral and yellow flower in full bloom.

Rina Thaler’s recent trip to Amsterdam has her “under the influence of this unique place.” In her mixed-media painting, “Amsterdam Canal II,” Thaler expressed the sense of past, present and future of that timeless city. Laura Hickman’s pastel and gouache, “Cafe in Lisbon,” captures the late afternoon sun casting patterns on a green facade of a restaurant in Graca Do Vinho.

Peeking out from under an orange-and-white striped awning, colorful fish swim in a room under the sea. Even when there are no vacancies anywhere in the height of the summer season, these creatures can always find a place to stay. Aubre Duncan titled her watercolor, “No Vacancy.”

Influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Joyce Condry said that she loves the famous artist’s big in-your-face flowers. “Magnolia,” an acrylic, is a full-page bloom. Influenced by the colors and light and shadow in Tuscany, Dale Sheldon’s watercolor, “Shadows on the Wall,” depicts a scene of an ancient wall as a background for the color and shadow of the that day’s laundry drying in the sun.

This is a sampling of the work to be seen in the show. The public is being invited to view the show and see more work by each of the gallery artists, and to visit the special display of fine artistries by local artisans who specialize in pottery, jewelry, blown glass, weaving and wood artwork. The gallery is always staffed by one of the artists and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visit Gallery One’s website ( for more information and the opportunity to sign up for monthly e-blasts, or call the gallery at (302) 537-5055. The gallery is located at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View.