Ocean View takes to the polls this Saturday

Ocean View voters will have a decision to make when they head to the polls this Saturday. Four candidates — Carol Bodine, Jon Debuchananne, Kent Liddle and Don Walsh — are all running for the council’s District 4 seat. District 4 largely consists of Wedgefield, Avon Park, Bear Trap and Fairway Village.

It’s unique to have four people running for one seat in any of our communities, and it bodes well for the entire town that so many seemingly-qualified people are showing an interest in actively participating in setting the course for Ocean View’s future. It’s particularly encouraging in that Ocean View has been experiencing a controversy-free period, so it does not appear to be candidates with any particular grudge.

Just four people who offer a lot on individual terms and want to serve the town they live.

Saturday should be a great day in the annals of Ocean View. Voters will be able to pick the qualified opponent they support, as opposed to simply backing someone who shares their opinions on one particular subject of dispute. The candidate who comes out on top should be the candidate the voters expect to do the best job.


If you are eligible to vote in Saturday’s election, please take advantage of that opportunity. We have a Q&A in this week’s paper where voters can get a good feel for the candidates, and we have featured all the candidates in the paper over the past few weeks, so those are available on our website, www.coastalpoint.com.

Be informed. Make your vote count.

To those four candidates: Thank you. Thank you for caring enough to participate. Thank you for giving voters options. And thank you for your time in sharing your opinions here, at the recent candidate forum and elsewhere. You are making a difference.