Bireley is one constant we can always count on

To hardly anyone’s surprise, Charles M. Bireley won the recent District 4 election to maintain his seat on the Indian River School District Board of Education.

Bireley has served on the board for 38 nonconsecutive years, having sat as board president for 15 of those years, including the last 10. He has, in fact, been on the board longer than many of the district’s teachers have been alive.

So, yes, it is safe to say he knows the lay of the land.

“Again, I would say the biggest issue we have is the growth of the district, and we’re going to get on that as soon as possible because it takes so long,” Bireley said. “To get your permits in the beginning, have a referendum... Say, for example, we decided to build a new building, we’re looking at five, six years [before it even opens].”

This was an election that had people talking around town, as two challengers stepped up to run for a seat, but Bireley still won pretty handily, netting 410 votes, compared to challengers Gregory Michael Goldman (180) and Judith Ladd Teoli (94). It’s evident that voters in the district feel comfortable with Bireley offering representation.

We applaud the challengers for getting involved in the election this year. It is a daunting task to take on someone who has held a public seat for such an extended period of time, and both competed for votes and did so in a manner indicative of how politics should take place — they offered their own ideas on the future of the district without tearing down their opponents.

And we’d be remiss for not thanking Bireley for his continued service to our area schools. It can be a thankless job where the “winner” faces challenge after challenge, and decision after decision. It’s nice to know we can count on Bireley to be there.