Route 26 is open for business — we promise

It seems like just yesterday our community was winding down another Jazz Funeral on the Bethany boardwalk, rolling up the sidewalks and turning off the lights on another summer season.

Well, that might have been a bit overly-dramatic, but it does seem like Memorial Day comes around fast around here. One minute we are cursing at the television meteorologist for telling us that it’s going to be cold again, and the next we are sweating in beach traffic, undeterred from our mission to go sit on sand and stare at the ocean.

For those of you who have not visited our little slice of paradise by the sea since last year, there have been some pretty significant happenings, and we have tried to lay those out for you in an article toward the front of the paper. Many of you will be most affected by the rise in parking fees in Bethany Beach, or the closing of the Harris Teeter store near Salt Pond, but another significant item that has taken place over “the offseason” has been the road-widening project on Route 26.

If you did happen to come down over the winter, you were no doubt stopped at some point along the road as workers closed lanes and re-routed traffic. Oh, the work is still being done — it’s just now being done at night so beach traffic can flow much more regularly.

So, don’t be afraid. It’s fine, we promise. Get out and visit those restaurants and shops along Route 26 that have become your favorites over the years, and stop in and visit some of the new businesses that have opened their doors since your last trip to our coastal oasis.

Please take the time to honor those who have paid the most for our freedoms this Memorial Day. Make it a day of flags and gratitude, as much as hot dogs and sunblock.