McCaskill, Shearon, Sheldon to exhibit ‘Coastal Colors’

Artists Lesley McCaskill, Dianne Shearon and Dale Sheldon paint to the theme of “Coastal Colors” in July’s special exhibit at Gallery One, running from June 30 to July 29, with a public reception to meet the artists on Wednesday, July 1, from 5 to 7 p.m.

Each of their paintings celebrates the blues and grays of the ocean and bays, the golden sun on the umbrella-filled beaches, the greens of the scrub pines and marsh grasses, and the mixed flower hues of cottage gardens.

Watercolorist McCaskill paints on location in coastal Delaware and on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Painting outside allows her to immerse all of her senses in her surroundings, she said.

“It seems when I paint directly, magic happens. The emotion I feel, but can’t put into words, I can translate with my paints onto paper. With immediacy I can capture the sense of the place.”

On both coasts the waters and wide-open skies intrigue and inspire her. The movement, the reflection, the transparency and the wildlife inhabiting the canals, ponds and harbors, are the subjects of her paintings.

“Both locations have their special spirit. Florida has the wild and warm lushness of its tropical foliage and also the muted colors of the dry inland ranch country. Delaware is ordered and pristine with its furrowed and planted farm fields; deep, meandering cool marshes; and the coastline with color-filled beaches. Both give me the feeling of quiet. That’s what my work reflects.”

Watercolorist and acrylic painter Shearon said, “I am always thinking — what am I going to paint next? I am looking and watching for a perfect subject. I take lots of pictures and use them to paint from my studio. I may take a sunrise or sunset from one photo and colors from another and then add what looks good to me. Living in coastal Delaware is like a book with lots of pictures to pick from.”

Shearon paints the sweep of the Delaware area from bay and beach. She said she is particularly drawn to the soft colors of pinks and blues and touches of yellows and greens in the landscape. Her signature is her landscapes of pinks and lavenders, mingling with the blue of the sky and water, and her still-life paintings of flowers. “Life as an artist is wonderful… Sharing my paintings has been a real joy.”

Sheldon works in water media. She said she loves the subtle, exciting movement of pigment and water on paper. She creates that flow with her watercolor palette. With acrylics she can change direction and paint rich, bold images, in which dabs of red and turquoise add sparkle.

“Art is my passion. I find inspiration everywhere. I paint the landscape — the dunes, the ocean, the bays. I see the work boats that ply these waters. I observe people interacting with each other. I seek both the familiar and the unexplored to paint.

“I am drawn to the fields and farmland of the Delaware region with the constantly changing light. I love to paint the shadows of old beach cottages with doors and windows that speak of days gone by. The sparkle of sunlight on the ocean’s waves and the reflections on the quiet waters of the bays and the diversity of shorebirds, with their quiet elegance inspire my work. When I travel, I paint these same subjects.”

Gallery One is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 32 Atlantic Avenue (Route 26) in Ocean View. It can be reached by calling (302) 537-5055.