Accident reminds us all to think safety

State police were investigating a serious crash last Saturday night in Fenwick Island, centered around a 9-year-old pedestrian who reportedly stepped out into Route 1 and was struck by the front bumper of an SUV. The boy was listed in critical condition, and no charges have been filed against the driver.

Basically, it was an accident. A terrible, awful, horrific accident that will impact all parties’ lives for years and years, but an accident, nonetheless. We see them every year in this community, both involving pedestrians and bicyclists, and local police departments do all they can as far as providing information to people in attempts to stop these heartbreaking stories from happening again.

But they do continue to happen.

Our guess is the efforts by local police and emergency medical personnel have had an impact. Obviously, it’s impossible to quantify things that didn’t happen, but maybe one child or foreign student or adult pedestrian took something he or she learned from one of these efforts, or utilized a supplied headlight or wore a helmet on a bicycle, and a tragedy was averted. Again, we can’t say that with any certainty, but we can hypothesize that these efforts help.

We urge people to take caution when they are at the beach. Follow bicycle rules and wear the proper equipment. Walk at crossroads only, and with support of the traffic light. Be vigilant when you are driving down the road.

Accidents will happen here, as they do everywhere else in the world, and some are simply unavoidable. But if we all take that extra step, maybe we can save a life.