Selbyville reacted in best way possible

Things happen.

That’s just the reality of life. No matter how hard we prepare, plan or maintain something, from our personal lives to our jobs, sometimes bad things just happen. What makes a difference is how we react.

The Town of Selbyville saw this earlier in the week when a water main broke and drained the Town’s water tower. Many in Selbyville were without water, and the water department alerted residents that the incident could cause E coli to contaminate the water supply. They advised citizens to boil water for one minute and let it cool before using, and also suggested people use bottled water for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes and food preparation.

Along with those advisories, the water department told residents that the water main has been repaired and extra chlorine has been added to the water supply, and they would advise residents when the Division of Public Health Office of Drinking Water determines that the town’s water is again healthy for use.

On Wednesday, the Town alerted residents that the water had indeed been tested, and was now safe for consumption.

It wasn’t just the Town, either, as the Indian River School District made automated phone calls on Tuesday to tell people that summer school would be continuing at Southern Delaware School of the Arts, and that clean bottled water would be provided to students and staff in the interim.

Things are going to happen, but what’s important is how you react. Officials reacted to this the best way they could. What more can you ask?