Fenwick Four generating lots of conversation

There has been a lot of talk recently about the “Fenwick Four,” and the group’s collective effort to win seats on the Fenwick Island Town Council following the scheduled Aug. 1 election. Some of that talk has been good, while some of it has been not-so-good.

But there’s definitely been talk.

Voter turnout numbers are low across this country, on elections local and national, but impassioned conversations leading up to election day are a good sign that turnout should be significant. And that is always a good thing.

So, what has generated all the talk about this quartet of candidates? Part of it is the old “should non-residents be allowed to run for council” argument, which is fine and dandy, but they are currently allowed to in Fenwick, so this should be a non-issue. If the people of the Town don’t want that, then get a charter change before the next election.

Another concern is that the foursome is running on a singular issue, i.e. height restrictions in Fenwick, and that the residents deserve more well-rounded candidates. That’s a valid argument, for sure, but one that’s up for the voters to decide.

We’ve seen blocks of candidates run for office before in this community, but rarely as transparent as this group is. We see that openness as a positive, in that voters can be well-informed. But we also see the obvious negatives. Let the voters decide.