Good news in beach towns regarding elections

Lost in the attention being paid locally to the recent election in Fenwick Island, two softball World Series taking place down the road and a prominent local town councilman resigning in the middle of a meeting is the fact that Bethany Beach will not have a town council election this year.

There were three open seats on council this year, and only three people filed to run — incumbents Joseph Healy and Chuck Peterson, and resident Jerry Morris. Longtime Bethany Town Councilman Jerry Dorfman decided not to run again this year, and Morris will now slide into that seat uncontested.

Normally, we get a little upset when towns do not have elections, and get equally tiffed when voter turnout is at a ridiculously-low percentage. Maybe it’s because we are a community newspaper and put too much emphasis on local government’s role, but we truly believe that local offices have more control over the day-to-day lives of our readers than state and national positions.

That being said, Fenwick Island featured a turnout better than 60 percent, and Bethany is a town that does historically have elections, largely because of strong citizen involvement. The fact that they didn’t this year indicates citizen satisfaction with their leaders.

So... enjoy your weekends, and slip into a smile. Life is good.