It’s a rough patch, but Town can move forward

Not every problem is a permanent one.

Yes, things are somewhat difficult in Frankford right now. Over the past several months we have seen the town solicitor, a popular police chief and two council members resign their positions (the chief technically retired, and an able one has replaced him, but it is still a significant loss). Public meetings have turned into confrontational affairs between council members and residents, council members against council members and residents against residents. The Town is owed tens of thousands of dollars from residents, and for a small town, that can be near-crippling in terms of operational functionality.

But we have seen this type of thing before in different towns in our community. Fenwick Island had their own rough patch years ago, featuring questions about the Town’s willingness to share information and a controversial settlement with a former police chief. Now Fenwick Island is running relatively smoothly. Let’s not forget about Ocean View, which was the epicenter of all things dysfunctional a few years ago, but is now running like a model town. Even Millville suffered through some growing pains a while ago, but now appears to be as efficient a Town as we have in our area.

Change can happen. And it can be good.

Frankford has a lot of advantages working for it, including a genuine love affair many of the residents have for the town, and people willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. They just have to get the right pieces and grow. It will happen.